10 of the best packing tips and tricks

Many of us are about to embark on our travels this summer! We must face the inevitable task of packing for these upcoming trips. Whether you pack weeks or days in advance or avoid it until the last minute, it's one of the most dreaded pre-holiday chores. But since it is necessary, we could all take inspiration from a few tips and tricks to ease the pain and panic of packing.

1. Buy a lightweight suitcase

You are already disadvantaged by weight restrictions if your suitcase is big and bulky. Opt for a lighter suitcase! There are plenty out there designed for this purpose. Weigh your packed suitcase before you arrive at the airport to avoid paying fines for overweight bags.

2. Share the load

If you are travelling as a group, put items of everyone’s clothing into different suitcases in case one goes missing. This ensures you still have clothes to wear even if the rest of your belongings have gone walkabout. But make sure you have full outfits in the same suitcase – it's no help only having half of a bikini!

3 Buy smaller bottles

Avoid bringing full-size toiletries and opt for filling miniature plastic bottles. At the end of the day, your XL bottle of Herbal Essences shampoo lasts a couple months as opposed to just a week! They’re inexpensive, save space and are reusable.

4. Make the most of small crevices

Stuff your underwear and socks into your shoes. Not only does this maximise available space, but also helps shoes keep their shape without squashing them. Two birds, one stone! Line shoes around the perimeter of the suitcase with soles facing the suitcase.

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5. Wear your heaviest and bulkiest garments!

If you’re heading off on a skiing holiday it seems illogical to try and stuff your puffer coat into a suitcase. Layering is key on flights and comes in handy when the air-con gets a bit chilly!

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6. Roll your clothes

Packing pros swear by this. Not only does this packing technique take up less space, but it also avoids clothes creasing. The last thing you want to do is re-iron all your clothes once you arrive at your destination!

7. Choose outfits in preparation

Although this goes without saying, spending time ensuring that your clothes work together and match as an outfit will go a long way. And instead of choosing 7 completely different outfits, make sure you can match a pair of bottoms with several tops. This definitely helps to limit your unnecessarily large stash of holiday clothes.

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8. Pack strategically

Put the things you need at the top of your suitcase. If you’re jetting off on a hot holiday, chances are the first thing you’ll want to do is head to the pool or beach. Make things easier by ensuring your swimsuit and sun cream are accessible. And if you are arriving at night make sure your pyjamas and toothbrush are near the top so you can hit the hay ASAP.

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9. Downsize

Cut, cut and cut down again. What if there is torrential downpour when I am in Egypt? I must pack for every potential weather forecast. Get out of this mindset and only take what you know you will need and wear. We are all guilty of over packing so make a pile before you actually pack so you can check what you intend to bring.

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10 Buy/use an e-reader

You may be a loyal reader of a physical book but Kindles, or other e-readers have their time and place. Instead of packing your suitcase with a limited number of big and bulky books, you can load more e-books that you could ever need onto a Kindle. And they’re more affordable than you’d think!

Words: Imogen Lancaster

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