International TV shows that will have you on the edge of your seat

Are you a television junkie or simply need a new T.V series to help you through this isolation period? Well buckle up, because you’re in for a ride of emotions- here’s our top picks of international T.V shows that will leave you wanting more. (All available on Netflix)

Crash landing on you (Korean)

Released: 2019

A romantic comedy and action that will leave you wishing for season two. This drama focuses heavily on the divide between North and South Korea, a love story that will leave you on an emotional rollercoaster. A south Korean woman lands in North Korea given a tragic accident she faced, brutally hit by a reality that she is now in North Korea, Yoon Se Ri

has to face a North Korean soldier  Ri Jung Hyuk and attempt to blend in, in hopes of surviving and finding her way back to South. With a twist and turn of love, action and gripping sadness, you can’t help but want more. If you love a bit of romance, then this is the show for you!

Unorthodox (America)

Released: 2020

A Netflix original series that is broken down into four parts. Exploring the Jewish community in New York Williamsburg, a Jewish woman flees her everyday life and marriage in hopes of starting a new life abroad. Esther Shapiro wants to start over and follow her dreams in Music, making new friendships and forming new bonds along the way. Finding herself once more, as we see an incredible character development happen throughout the series.

Dirilis: Ertugrul (Turkish)

Released: 2014

Following the story of the Ottoman empire, this series is one that will have you on the edge of your seat. With an action packed storyline based on real life events.  Ertugrul Bey a Turkish warrior and leader among his tribe, journeys to find peace and justice for his people during the Ottoman empire. The story of love, war and heartache formed into one- which makes this series so special. With stunning Ottoman attire and gripping dialogue, this series will for sure have you hooked!

Kim’s Convenience (Canada)

Released: 2016

A look into the life of the Kim family with a comedic spin, following the life of: Appa, Umma, Janet and Jung. Mr and Mrs Kim are owners of a convenience store and have endless comedic interactions with costumer’s, showing us an insight into their lives as well as their children’s, while bringing two different cultures together. This show is the perfect family friendly series, with every episode taking on a new story and spin, this comedy series will brighten up your day with laughter.

Well, there’s our top picks for international shows on Netflix that will get you through this isolation period. We hope you enjoy and be sure to tag us on some of your movie or series favourites and let us know your thoughts!

Happy Netflix’ing!

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