How musicians have impacted the male fashion industry: when fashion imitates art

Fashion and music are undeniably linked. Their culture, and ‘search for originality’ have long impacted each others styles and choices.

As recently as 2016, when SoundClouds popularity was at its highest, themes of looming heartbreak and depression echoed across every song, the fashion of both those creating and listening soon came to reflect that through their entire aesthetic.

Before that, highlighted clearly through songs such as The Migos’ “Versace”, A$AP Mob’s “RAF” and Frank Ocean’s “Chanel”, the popularity of high-end fashion bled through into multiple songs giving designers a new audience, those looking to imitate their favourite artists.


The first trend seen primarily in student cultures is the prominence of Rap & Grime fashion. As the increase in the popularity of streetwear has become apparent, lead by UK Grime artists specifically, who normalise the use of sportswear brands such as Nike, Adidas and UnderArmour in more than just an informal setting. The Student Culture quickly adapted to this, as not only was a full outfit affordable, the style has ingrained itself into casual wear, being available for use in all but formal occasions. The pinnacle of this fashion trend so far, was Skepta’s attendance to the ‘London Fashion Week’ wearing an all-black tracksuit, a first for an event usually considered formal and artistic. You could claim the Nouveau Riche had found a new member, yet designers and the general public swiftly began to follow his fashion choices.


An evolution of the early aesthetic originating from skate culture, was lead by the likes of Tyler, the Creator, Pharrell and the odd future collective. This style has gradually morphed towards the Hypebeast streetwear style and music merchandise, with the inclusion of brands such as Vans, The North Face, Yeezy and Thrasher and a focus on individuality. Currently the sub-culture of fashion is incredibly popular amongst student circles due to cheaper brands, artist brands being shown and, the ability to mix these brands with anything while still producing an outfit that fits most social occasions.

Vintage future

As the 2018/19 student year ends though, the style of students continues to change. Seasonal weather falls out of fashion as quick as it falls in, (looking at you, Canada Goose) and the amount of influencers attempting to create their style increases daily (Luka Sabbats urban streetwear style, Justin Biebers ‘scumbro’ aesthetic). Currently though, the UK male student scene is leading to an amalgamation of these styles due to availability and acceptance of unique styles. This includes the growing us of ASOS with vintage fleeces, oversized T’s and 90’s brands all making a huge resurgence.

Fashion from UNiDAYS

As these current trends start to bleed together, while they originate from separate cultures, they take reference from similar sports, lifestyle, art and music. UNiDAYS currently offer a ton of discounts on brands that are part of every style available. So as personal fashion becomes more accepted, use UNiDAYS to find what you need, or purchase some base classics that will stay fashionable for months to come, with discounts available for the timeless Nike AirForce 1’s or get some fundamental tapered Levi 501’s which will match with any style you go for.

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