Advice for coming out: we asked, you answered

Thanks to our lovely followers over on Instagram, we’ve got a shit ton of advice for anyone thinking about coming out. So have a read on for all the positive and encouraging vibes about to come your way. After all, no one else can be you and that is your power… so don’t you forget it.

Illustrations by Anshika Khullar @aorists

  • Everyone of us is special in our own way.
  • It’s your moment. Only do it when you want to and feel safe doing so.
  • Remember that for every one person that will hold you back, there are 100 that want to hold you up.
  • Come out on your own terms, and don’t feel pressured to come out.
  • Coming out doesn’t mean the world has to know. It could just be coming out to yourself.
  • There is no rush to dod it, it doesn’t have to be a big grand thing like everyone makes it out to be.
  • The people that love you will still love you and if their opinion changes, that’s their issue.
  • If your family disown you, then everyone in this community will be your family. You’re not alone.
  • Do it once you’re ready and prepared for all the possible outcomes and reactions.
  • The people who don’t accept you. Don’t deserve you.
  • You’re climbing this mountain so that you can give others a map later on
  • Remember that, even if someone doesn’t respond well, you’re still SO loved
  • If someone is a jerk about it, that’s their problem, not yours
  • Take your time, if it’s not safe, don’t do it unless you have a plan and a place to go.
  • Don’t feel pressured to come out! Your safety is more important.
  • People’s initial reaction isn’t their final one!
  • Do it when you’re ready. Do not allow others to pressure you. Speak to your friends about it.
  • Accepting yourself first is the key to coming out.
  • Coming out can seem impossible but being your authentic self feels amazing.
  • It’s your life!!! Think about you, you, and only you!!!!
  • We are all living beings with the right to love and be loved.
  • Be true to yourself, not others.
  • Don’t feel like you need to rush yourself with telling someone. It’s your journey, walk it strong.
  • Watch Dan Howell’s video.
  • Have a strong and healthy support system. Quality, not quantity.
  • Pick a time and place where you’ll feel most comfortable.
  • You are you. Don’t change who you are because people are unhappy. You can never change who you love.
  • You don’t have to decide a label now, just let people know you love to love.
  • While it may be the one thing you desire the most, make sure it doesn’t put you in danger.
  • DO IT WHEN YOU ARE READY! Don’t let other people tell you that you have to “right now.”
  • I love you and I’ll always be there for you.
  • Make sure to be ready with a safe plan if things go wrong (i.e. telling parents).
  • Never settle to be someone you’re not just for the good of others.
  • Only YOU know when the time is right to come out.
  • Do it on your own terms.
  • Think about why it’s necessary to label yourself, and realize most of the people don’t need to know.

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