5 transformative travel experiences to have once in your life

Travel has the ability to excite, inspire, facilitate personal growth, and even heal. It can reshape your future and help reframe your present day. Here are 5 transformative travel experiences to have once in your life.

Travel alone

Going away with other people can be great fun. But hitting the road on your onesome is a completely different kind of enjoyment. This is especially true for people that ordinarily thrive on the company of others.

You see, travelling alone means you have no one to please but yourself. Your schedule is entirely your own and you don’t have to compromise for anyone. More than that, it’s an opportunity to actually get to know yourself in a pressure-free environment, to learn what you really like doing.

Don’t be under any illusions, there will be uncomfortable moments and times when you get fed up of your own company. But it will also provide you with an unrivalled sense of satisfaction as you learn to navigate the world alone.

Sign up for a retreat

Whether you’re looking for a spiritual awakening, some serious inspiration, or simply to try something new, a retreat provides the perfect environment in which to do it.

If you’re picturing long haired hippies waving crystals around while banging on about chakras, then you’re way off the mark. Sure, there will probably be some like this. But in reality there’s a retreat for virtually everything these days, and the majority are totally inclusive and open to even the most clueless of beginners.

Whether it’s coding or cooking or yoga or meditation, whatever your schtick, you’ll be able to find a retreat that will enable you to explore it more.

Travel with friends

Just as travelling alone can transform your relationship with yourself, travelling with one or more of your closest friends can strengthen your bonds with them.

Of course, it also has the potential to put those relationships under some serious strain. But how you deal with these unique challenges will change you forever. You’ll certainly perfect the art of compromise.

But despite the difficulties you’ll face, you’ll make some awesome memories that will bring you closer together and you won’t have a dull moment on your trip.

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Try the simple life

For a fantastic way to get back to basics, reset, and figure out what’s really important to you, a complete removal from the complications of your everyday life can be just the tonic.

Try heading to a remote location, somewhere without all of your modern distractions like social media, netflix and smartphones, and really strive to live in the moment.

Simply immerse yourself in your surroundings and watch your stress melt away. Use your spare time to make some plans on how you can make your life simpler ongoing.

Enjoy a luxury break

Luxury travel isn’t for everyone, and let’s be honest, it’s certainly not affordable for all. However, even if it’s just a single self-indulgent night as a one off treat, a luxury getaway is definitely something you should try at least once in your life.

Learn what it’s like to travel like the 1% with a romantic break in a European castle, booking a relaxing cruise, or arranging a sensual spa weekend. But be careful, you might just fall in love with this type of vacay.

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