I'm in isolation init: tips to handle it

As we welcomed 2020 with open hearts and arms, none of us expected what would happen three months into this year highly thought of year. Nonetheless for the greater good of human life and public safety I welcomed a new set of words to join my list of favourite repeated sayings:_ I'm in isolation init.

When the world first began being used a valid reason to slow down the rapid spread of the coronavirus, for some reason I instantly thought of High School. I was a troublesome teenager who was always on report card and had his out of school lunch pass taken off him. The punishment for distracting my science class was because I switched on the bunsen burner without the teacher’s permission, and so I had to stand outside in the corridor to reflect on my behaviour. But with my face pressed against the glass of the classroom window causing a further distraction I then entered the phase two of High School punishment . . . isolation.

However little did I know this was to be nothing like ‘the good old days’. Day 'I have lost count' in isolation away from the coronavirus, family, friends and work has taught me an extensive amount about myself. One of the main reoccurring themes that keep coming back around to me is - disappointment.

I thought by now I would have binged the entire Harry Potter season, re-visited Michael Schofield in Prison Break and finally finished River-dale with Veronica Lodge and Archie Andrews. Whilst being able to successfully perform the 2020 self-care tips I find myself liking consistently on the gram and Twitter.

How wrong was I. I have found a new version of me, not the greatest one and most definitely not the most advanced. I have found without a structure and a routine I’ve become lazy and have self-sabotaged my pattern of sleep, which has had a greater detriment to my day. My will and determination to keep fit consistently loses against the battle of the fridge, and I have found I don’t read as much as I claim I do. However the one that hurts the most is my inability to write poetry from the heart during these pressing times.

Now, surely one strongly believed for a lifetime you can ‘write your way out of pain’ you just got to figure out how to channel it. However it’s not that simple and quite frankly it’s not about that right now. I have realised throughout this catastrophic situation that we are being faced with as a planet that human life is a valuable precious gift. Now let’s take away the Whatsapp broadcasts, viral memes, slurs towards Boris Johnson and fake news and really look at what we have on our hands (no pun intended).

We’re really living amongst a crisis. And therefore the only things that are important are the conversations we are having with the people we love the most. Don’t be like me and attempt to isolate yourself further because you think that’s what your creativity needs, it’s very important right now you do what your life needs you to do and that I truly believe is to unplug, disconnect and be present in the moment you are in.

Below are some of my top tips in handling isolation, because if you are anything like me and need human interaction, banter, handshakes, hugs, laughs, feelings and motives then this is definitely for you:

1. Make a list for tomorrow a night before you sleep.

And don’t compare this to what you was once doing in your life. Also know because you are in isolation does not mean you are a failure.

My current to do list for tomorrow looks is:

  • Clean my desktop
  • Mow the lawn
  • Use them weights I’ve bought

The benefit of an operational routine is it provides structure to your day, which helps you pass the hours by effectively. I find if I don’t have one I end up wide-eyed starring at my mobile phone flicking between apps for hours, which is very unhealthy.

2. Start writing letters, go old school with it!

I sat at my bedroom desk and pulled out a piece of paper and thought about whom I'd love to write to, and instantly time flew (P.S. there are no grammar apps to save the day) you have to use a pen and paper for this one. Regardless I felt like a huge anxiety had been released from me as I was being productive and expressing my love and admiration for those closest to me in a way I hadn’t before.

3. Limit your time on social media

Look, ask my friends, I love a bit of social media @HussainManawer follow me init, but to be really honest with you right now you need to find a way to put your phone down and really control yourself with how much time you are spending on it. My phone also goes into a ‘sleep’ mode after 10:30pm, which means only my dad and a few others can call or message and it will ring loud. There are some great apps to help you limit your time and help you install some self-control on this.

4. Clean your garden, basement and bedroom

Now I know I don’t know you personally but I know for a fact one of the three is messy and needs a little touch up. That can be done and if you do it properly it can take a good couple of hours.

5. Write about your experiences in isolation

Diary entries, poems, songs, bars, raps, spoken word pieces whatever it is get it out of you. I know so many talented people that I grew up with that stopped writing because life got in the way, well now is the time to pick the pen back up and release your emotions on to the page.

And if I am going to be super real with you here, there is only so much we can do to help us get through time and make it out. But one thing we must remember, and it’s essential, is that we are doing this for the betterment of human life and our world.

I know it’s hard, believe me I do, but I know one thing we can come through this and we can make a real change in real time to help save millions of lives.

I hope you found something in this article that was useful, I wish you well on your journey.

You’ve got this.

All the love in the world.

Hussain Manawer

The Original Mummy’s Boy x

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