WTF is that: 6 crazy brow trends

Have brow trends finally gone too far? The wave brow. Really. REALLY THOUGH? We’ve taken a look at the craziest brows from the social media scene... and no we’re not talking about the perfectly arched brows we lust over on Insta every day. ‘Cos they are pretty standard. I’m talking about your brows Holly Boon.

1. Let's get wavey (or not)

This must take a fair bit of time to perfect. 10/10 for effort with this one.

2. Feather, fo’ real?

Are these pretty, or are they creepy? I’m not quite sure. For the festival season they might look cute with some summery eyeshadow.

3. Go bright or go home

Match your brows to your crazy bright hair. Shading brows in is pretty standard right now, but bright colours, not so much. Are you brave enough to give it a try?

4. Glitter ev’rything

Glitter beards, bum, boobs and of course, brows. Maybe not an everyday look, but could be good for parties, festivals or Halloween if you can never have enough glitter.

5. Barbed wire brows

Remember when brows were never a big thing? No me neither. Make-up artist Athena Paginton first created this look which has since taken the Instagram world by storm.

6. Braid it


Okay, so this isn’t real. It’s just Photoshop guys.

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