Work your way to your fitspiration

I know that now that summer’s over and you won’t be flaunting your bikini body for a while, that it’s tempting to fall into bad habits (like ordering a large pizza all for yourself or eating an entire sharing bag of chocolates that supposedly contains like 10 servings). Don’t worry we’ve all been there, but it’s better to try and stay healthy so you don’t have to go on a drastic diet once the sun reappears in a couple of months. As it gets colder, it gets harder to motivate yourself to exercise - especially as a student when you don’t want to blow your budget on a fancy gym membership. So why not try doing some workouts at home? They could tone you up in no time and get you looking like your favourite fitspiration celebrities. Article-size_workouts_1 Science would argue that you body decides where it loses weight from and it’s out of your control but there’s no harm in trying anyway! Plus building muscle will help burn fat too so if you want a taut toned stomach like Vanessa Hudgens then try this belly fat blaster routine! If you want a 6 pack that rivals Karlie Kloss’ then this routine is probably more your speed. And if you’re looking to get seriously ripped like Miranda Kerr, then give this advanced workout a try! Article-size_workouts_2 We all want to be able to wear sleeveless tops and dresses without worrying that our arms don’t look too good and we can often ignore this area when working out; working instead on our abs and legs. If you want perfectly slender arms like Nina Dobrev then try this and if you want to build a bit more muscle (Shay Mitchell style) then give this one a go. If you’re up for a challenge and want beautifully athletic arms like Cameron Diaz then maybe you’re ready for this one! Tip: don’t worry if you don’t have weights or fancy equipment at home; you can improvise with heavy things around your house like bags of flour/sugar or water bottles. Article-size_workouts_4 If you think your legs could use some toning so that they look even better in that new dress or favourite skirt, then try one of these workouts. If you’re going for slimmer and more toned like J-Law then give this routine a try. If you want to build those booty muscles and achieve a Rihanna pair of pins then try this one instead. If you want to be really bootylicious like the inventor of the word herself, then see if you can manage this one with added weights! Article-size_workouts_3 Maybe you don’t want to target a specific area but want to tone up your whole body. If Gigi Hadid is your ultimate body goals then try this workout and if you want a slender figure that’s packing some serious muscle à la Emily Ratajkowski then try this one. Kendall Jenner is the ultimate girl crush as well as model of the moment and if she’s also your fitspiration then give this fat burning cardio routine a go! Just remember though that your body is made up of 30% exercise and 70% diet (apparently), so remember to eat well and stay hydrated as well as getting those muscles going! All images and workouts sourced from

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