Unboxing Kiehls - super skincare!

When this little Kiehl's parcel of joy landed on our doorstep here at UNiDAYS® HQ we were definitely excited. We can't wait to share with you what we think about some of Kiehl's best selling products because they're seriously great. Kiehl's believe in natural skincare but with a little push from science and I think this is an awesome combination. Don't forget that you can save a ginormous 20% online when you shop at Kiehl's using your UNiDAYS® discount! Article_KiehlsUnboxing_1 First up, let's just take a moment to appreciate how cute the cardboard box is with the logo printed on it. Everything was wrapped in black tissue paper and was literally the chicest cardboard box I've ever seen! One of our top products from the box is the Ultra Facial Cleanser, this is an awesome face wash for anyone who has really confusing skin. I can vouch for this as I thought I had oilier skin than I did, actually it's just combination and can really be quite dehydrated and this cleanser doesn't irritate my skin, dry it out or make it break out. Because this cleanser isn't drying or stripping and is suitable for all skin types it's amazing if you're confused about your skin type. It simply removes all oil, dirt and nasty stuff and maintains your skin's PH level. This retails at £15 but you can grab it for £12 with your student discount - score! Article_KiehlsUnboxing_2 The Ultra Facial range is complemented by the Ultra Facial Toner which helps refine the skin's surface texture while prepping it for a moisturiser such as the Ultra Facial Moisturiser. This is a super lightweight moisturiser which is again formulated for all skin types and includes skin-friendly ingredients such as Vitamin A & E. Article_KiehlsUnboxing_3 Finally, two products that we've been absolutely loving from our Kiehl's unboxing are the Midnight Recovery Concentrate and the Midnight Recovery Eye. These products aren't just for anti-ageing, they simply replenish and restore the skin with amazing botanical oils and you end up looking super radiant. You can save over £7 on the Concentrate with your UNiDAYS® discount and we think that's amazing!Kiehls_20-Blog-Perk

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