TPW Fundamentals range: The review

We love to trial the latest products and when The Protein Works released their awesome Fundamentals range, we knew we had to let you guys in on the secret. The range is packed with everything you'll ever need to reach your 2016 fitness goals and at a price to suit even the tightest of student budgets. Team UNiDAYS Muscle reviewed the whole range! [blockquote quote="This protein tastes like ice cream dreams!" name="Tiff"] Article_TheProteinWorks_1 First up was the Whey Protein Concentrate in Strawberry and the Whey Protein Isolate in Vanilla, both with 100% natural flavours and at least 80% protein content! [blockquote quote="It literally tastes like a strawberry milkshake, especially with almond milk - so creamy! Feels like a cheat treat without the guilt, perfect for a sweet tooth. Definitely thinking about adding some to using it over a bowl of TPW Granola!" name="Dani"] Article_TheProteinWorks_2 These Omega 3 Softgels are great for anyone who finds it difficult to eat fish, which we need for the nutrients it provides. Each 1000mg softgel provide loads of essential fatty acids found in fish oil that contribute to the normal function of the heart, vision and the brain! Clever, huh? [blockquote quote="These are the easiest supplements to take because their casing is super soft and shiny, plus they don't smell fishy! " name="Allie"] Article_TheProteinWorks_3 The guys' favourite seems to be the BCAA Powder! [blockquote quote="I find that using BCAA supplements helps reduce fatigue and muscle soreness/ache during exercise and accelerates both recovery and the use of fat for energy." name="Danny"] Article_TheProteinWorks_4 We also trialled the Creatine Monohydrate which is great for repairing muscles. This is unflavoured which means you can just pop it into your shaker with the protein and you're good to go without mixing flavours! Article_TheProteinWorks_5 Another gem from the Fundamentals range are Flavour Bombs. These are natural liquid flavour system which is great for adding to unflavoured shakes and breakfast favourites such as porridge. With under 1Kcal per serving, this is a great way to add flavour without compromising on your fitness goals. [blockquote quote="The toffee flavour bomb and vanilla protein shake was a winning combination, making a silky smooth morning shake!" name="Adam"] Remember to grab 10% off everything, including sale, at The Protein Works using your UNiDAYS discount!

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