Top 8 summer fitness apps

Want to get or stay in shape? The answer is right in your pocket! Load up your iPhone with these 8 amazing apps and never be without motivation for a fresh workout again.

For yoga lovers

Yoga Studio has an absolute tonne of yoga sessions for you to work through, from 10 minute stretching sessions to mega 60 minute workouts. This is a great app for all levels of Yogi, whether you're a beginner or you pretty much spend your life in a sun salutation, it's got you covered.

For runners

Map My Run is the perfect app to log all of your running progress. It logs your pace, distance and calories and you can plan and track your favourite routes. Simple and useful!

For general activity

Bounts is an awesome app where you can earn 'bounts' for the activity that you do, whether it's running, jogging or just walking. This is super motivating because it links with your usual fitness devices on your phone and you can then spend your 'bounts' on your favourite high street stores. Earth Miles is also a similar premise to Bounts, but you can use your rewards to redeem against work out classes and health food retailers. Plus, don't forget to use your Health app that's already on your iPhone! This bad boy counts your steps, walking and running distance, flights of stairs climbed as well as sleep, nutrition and more and it's already in your pocket!

For food-tracking

MyFitnessPal is the classic tracker for calorie counting. You can log all of your macros, set your targets and even scan packets and wrappers off food to save you searching for every grain of rice!

For gym workouts

For totally free and varied workouts, Nike Training Club has a tonne of exercise regimes ranging from 15 minute blasts to hour-long sweat sessions. You can even earn 'rewards' which you can release exclusive workouts from celebrity athletes! If you're super competitive, Freeletics is an awesome app that can pit you against your friends and share results. You can also tailor your workouts and choose between bodyweight exercises, yoga, stretching and more.

For motivation

You're going to need a killer workout playlist, of course! Grab an Apple Music student membership for just £4.99 a month. Terms and conditions apply. And, don't forget that you can grab up to 10% off the Apple Store for Education with your UNiDAYS discount on the rest of your Apple needs!

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