How to nail your work experience

If you’ve got some work experience lined up this summer, you want to rock it, right? Well, luckily for you we’ve put together some sure-fire tips to make sure you make a great impression!

1. First impressions count

First impressions are about more than just looking smart, although of course, it is important to dress for the occasion. As well as this, make the extra effort to ensure you’re going to be there in plenty of time and finally, smile! First impressions last, so make it count.

2. Do your research

Going into work experience with a strong understanding of the business and their philosophy will go down a treat. Research aspects like their key messages, their competitors and maybe even look at a few of their numbers. Plus, work experience is the perfect excuse for some brand spanking new tech, as using your discount you can save up to 10% at Apple. Just say it’s for research purposes! Apple_allproducts

3. Relax!

It’s super easy to get worked up and stressed about the prospect of a new environment, new challenges and new people, but you’ve just got to try to keep the nerves at bay. You might relax by going for a walk, reading a book or listening to music. Just as well you’ll get wireless Beats headphones when you buy an eligible Mac, iPad or iPhone from Apple isn’t it*? Winning. ‌

4. Get involved

When you’re at work experience, try to get involved as much as you can. Put your suggestions forward, ask questions if you’re not sure on something and take notes. It’s so useful to jot down any key skills you’ve learned or anything you want clarified - the whole purpose of work experience is to learn, so go all out to make sure that happens.

5. You'll never know if you don't ask

Even though you might feel awkward at the time, ask your employers if they have any contacts they can put you in touch with regarding more work experience. Or, if not, you could always give them a copy of your CV to file so that if any jobs come up in the future, they’ve got your details. You’ve got to think of yourself and building up your work experience history, so go on, ask them! Apple_UK_UpTo10-Blog-Perk   *Terms apply and can be see on the perk.

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