Haircare essentials to nourish tangled tresses

Summer is in full swing and although we want a forecast of sun, sun sun, is it all that good for our hair? With the focus on our skin, using high factors of sun cream to protect from UV rays, we can sometimes neglect our hair. I know all I do in summer is throw my hair up and out the way without thinking about how long I’ve let it frazzle in sun for. It’s time for you and I to give our hair some good lovin’!

Exposure to UV can cause our lovely locks to damage and fade, leaving what were cute beach waves looking like a dry bird’s nest. Yes, your gorgeous natural highlights may be finally creeping through, meaning you don’t have to book a hair appointment for another few months... But what is a sun kissed look without all it's health and shine? Don’t you worry gals, I’ve got your back.

The Sun Care Protective Hair Veil by Aveda is a lightweight wintergreen and cinnamon bark oil mist, which protects your hair from the damage that high UV can cause. It also contains organic shea butter with coconut and palm oils to help condition and detangle your mane after a long day of doing nothing in the heat. Another necessity to add to your beach bag! This product is part of a three-part defence and recovery collection, along with a cleanser and hair mask for extra care.

If you’re one of those people who can’t handle the frizz as soon as the heat gets to your hair, then Kiehl’s do the perfect product for you. This Smoothing Oil-Infused Shampoo nourishes dry hair all the way through, smoothing and taming that frizz. The argan and babassu oils smooth the hair cuticle, calming the frizz to a manageable level. You can then use the matching conditioner to add that extra smooth glossiness and use the weightless Smoothing Oil-Infused Leave-In Concentrate as a styling aid during the day.

Kiehl’s also do the perfect on-the-go product to instantly hydrate your skin - Cactus Flower Mist. After all, hair and skin go hand in hand. Every spritz gives a refreshing boost; cooling and purifying the skin to help it maintain essential moisture. Be a glow-getter all summer with discounts for these products at UNiDAYS! Grab 15% off Aveda and 10% off Kiehl's with your UNiDAYS membership

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