Grooming hacks: 5 tips to make getting ready easier

1. Trim don’t shave

Long gone are the days of the super smooth, Patrick Bateman-esque clean shaved faces. Beards may have even had their day too but one thing that will always look good is some well-maintained stubble. Grab yourself a decent set of beard clippers, give it a once over on your preferred setting Saturday morning and then ride it out without the need for trimming until next Saturday rolls around. Congratulations, you just bought yourself 10 extra minutes in bed and no razor burn either!

2. One size fits all

Whether you’re looking to save a bit of time in the morning or a bit of space in your overnight bag if you happen to find yourself away from home ;) an all in one shower gel will get your body smelling good and your hair looking fresh with just one product. I wouldn’t recommend using an all in one all of the time but when the situation requires an all in one like the L'Oreal Men Expert range might just be your saviour.

3. The morning after the night before

By putting a bit of effort in each night with a good skincare set up you can begin to worry less about waking up to new pimples and spots that want to hang out for a few days. By introducing a face wash such as this cheeky little Khiel's number to your pre-bed routine you’re getting rid of the grub from the day and keeping your skin in check for what’s about to hit it over the next 24 hours

4. Don’t make aftershave an after thought

I know it’s pretty tough to beat a bit of Lynx Africa but when it comes to aftershave a couple of good signature scents are well worth investing in. I personally like to have a set up with different fragrances for daytimes at work, daytimes when off work and then a go to evening scent to take things up a notch. Aftershave is quite a personal thing but I’ve always liked Dolce & Gabbana scents and The One for Men is spot on for evenings out, drinks and dates.

5. Get an early night

So this isn’t much of a ‘hack’ so to speak but it is 100% truth and you know it. I used to have the sleep pattern of a newborn baby but since developing a routine and making sure I get my head down early it means I’m on top form when it comes to waking up. Baggy, dark eyes are less of a problem, your skin will thank you for it and of course, it means you won’t be scrambling around for articles on how to make getting ready easier because you’ll actually have more time! Don’t worry, though, you don’t have to follow this rule all of the time so feel free to get out there and grab some late night drinks with the boys.

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