From waffles to cocktails: A foodie day in Chester

The city of Chester is the prime location for any student to live their best student life. A mere hour away from Manchester and 40 minutes from Liverpool (another great student city just saying). It’s got everything your newly independent self could ever imagine; clubs, Tudor style buildings, bars (you’re sensing a theme here right?). However, the crème de la crème of the city… the food! You can get comfortable in this gorgeous city by sampling the many flavours of the streets and best of all? It can be all done on a student budget. Music to my ears!

Garden Lane Cafe

Let’s start our tour with breakfast. Set in the heart of the student hub of the city, minute’s away from main campus and seconds away from the local pub (OK several local pubs) is Chester’s answer to your local Soap Opera café. Ask any University of Chester Student and they will tell you that Garden Lane’s infamous £4.25 fry-ups have saved them from the hangover to end all hangovers on a Saturday morning.

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Not only can you get breakfast they also serve up some great traditional British lunches with the likes of sausages, beans and chips and a good old burger. This cute little greasy spoon is run by the loveliest women and they make a fry-up that will remind you of the ones your mum used to cook for you (you know before she got sick of cooking for you). Sausage, bacon, egg, hash browns, beans, black pudding, a round of toast and a cup of tea, and if that’s not enough for 75p more you can get all that plus some beans and tomatoes.

Off The Waffle

Take a walk a little bit down the road to 4 Rufus Court and you hit Chester’s best hidden gem. No matter if you want dessert, dinner, breakfast or a quick snack Off The Waffle is the place to be. A mouth-watering selection of savoury and sweet waffles and pancakes are to die for. Think of your dream topping and more than likely Off The Waffle will have it. Everything about this little waffle restaurant is perfect, the taste, the smell, the look. From only £5.95 this flawless eatery is the only place you will want to bring your visiting family and friends to give them a true taste of Chester and leave them begging for more.

Burger Shed

Still Hungry? Good! Take a walk down Bridge Street and you will come past a beautiful restaurant nestled in between Chester’s famous rows. Burger Shed is a place of dreams. The menu is small but boy does it make up for it in flavour! Hot dogs, burgers, milkshakes and cheesy chips that I swear I have dreams about. My favourite meal when I get there is a bacon and cheese burger smothered in Burger Shed's divine burger sauce, with the most delicious cheesy chips and washed down with a peanut butter milkshake which is honestly heaven in a glass. OK, I’m going to be honest the menu is a little bit beyond a student budget with some burgers reaching £11.50, however, all is not lost, running promotional days 3 days a week; Burger Shed is your knight in shining armour.


After all that food, you’re probably ready to just go home and lie in bed in a food induced coma. However, the fun is not over yet! Our final stop is Kuckoo Cocktail Bar in Watergate Street. These fun and unique cocktails are the perfect way to finish off a day of good food in Chester. Have you ever wanted to have a donut with your drink? Or possibly a square of chocolate? Well Kuckoo offer drinks inspired by your favourite childhood sweets from a Wham Bar Sling to Cara-Mac which makes the £7.50 price tag worth living on beans on toast for the next week.

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