Coolest green gadgets

In the last few years, we have seen a drive towards sustainable, eco-friendly innovations, using sustainable materials and low-power technology. These innovative designs and technologies are heralding the era of an increased environmental consciousness, even in the gadget industry. Go green and save money doing it with these awesome green gadgets!

1. Pentatonic Recycled iPhone case

Pentatonic use discarded trash to innovate beautiful furniture and homewares, making recycling stylish. Their Husky phone case is both stylish and durable. Unlike other companies which blend the recycled plastics with other polymer organic blends, Pentatonic use another waste material, rice husks, rather than a primary organic source, such as harvested timber. In other words, all the materials used to produce their Husky phone case are waste products. 2 CDs/DVDs and 20 rice husks go into every phone case they produce.

RRP: £10

2. USB Rechargeable AA Batteries

Billions of alkaline batteries are dumped each year, don’t add to the waste! Rechargeable USB batteries are the answer. These batteries operate and look just like normal AA, but the positive end opens to reveal a USB plug that will connect to any USB charger, including your computer. They take five to seven hours to charge and feature an LED light to show the cell is charging. We recommend you buy two packs per appliance and keep one of them charged so when one runs out, the other pack is already charged and ready to be swapped in.

RRP: £7.99 for a pack of 2

3. IntelliPanel

A gadget that saves you money while saving the planet? Enter: IntelliPanel. That low hum you can hear reverberating, softly through the house - yep, that’s the sound of the average UK home wasting £37 a year on standby, emitting unnecessary carbon emissions into the atmosphere. IntelliPanel is a glorified multi-plug that kills standby mode. Just plug your desktop PC or Mac into the master socket and your monitor, speakers, printer, external hard drive and more into the remaining seven: every time you power off the desktop, everything else is switched off entirely.

RRP: £30

4. Breville Hot Water Dispenser.

The average kettle uses around 3,000 watts to boil your brew - that’s roughly 300 energy-saving bulbs. Combined with the fact that nearly all of us are guilty of overfilling our kettles, it’s a carbon nightmare. This green kettle is here to make tea making much greener. It automates the filling process for you by using a reservoir at the back and dispensing instant boiling water from a tap at the front, meaning you don’t even have to lift it.

RRP: £39.99

5. Automatic

Automatic is a small device you plug into your vehicle’s On Board Diagnostics (OBD) port. When installed, Automatic tracks your driving habits and instructs you through a series of beeps and app alerts when you step on the gas too fast or use your brakes too hard. The result? You save money on gas, you cut down on vehicle emissions, and you put less wear and tear on your car. Automatic offers two modules: Lite relies on a smartphone to sync your pricing data, whereas the Pro ditches the need for a smartphone, relying instead on a 3G connection (included in the purchase price). RRP: from $79.99

6. Aukey Solar Power Bank

If you’re trekking or travelling to off-the-grid areas, this solar-powered power bank is a great solution to a lack of available charging ports. But it also caters to a host of other problems - ever been at the beach only to find your battery has drained before you even got the chance to post that bikini selfie? You don’t have to worry about remembering to charge this power bank - just leave it in the sun and allow it to do the work for you. With a 30% higher power conversion efficiency than other solar panel devices, this is the best on the market. Plus, it won’t break the bank.

RRP: £19.99 Buy from Amazon UK for £12.99 An image

7. One to watch - SUNFLOWER outdoor speakers

The sun is out which means it’s BBQ season in the UK. Never run out of battery on your speakers again with the SUNFLOWER outdoor speaker. This gadget is fed by UV rays through solar cells that are positioned in a circle at an angle to take all advantage of the sun’s position during the day. So you won’t have to worry about empty batteries or tricky trip-wires again.

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