Cloud Nine's top 5 pro hair hacks

We’ve all been there… you can’t convince your hair to hold a curl. Your rendition of ‘straight and sleek’ closely resembles ‘frizzy and fluffy’ and your fly-aways are frankly out of control. If your faith in hair is diminishing with every passing day, all is not lost. You’re in the right place! With the help of Style Ambassador Stacey McCormack, we’ve got you covered with our essential rules, styling secrets and the common styling errors you need to beware of. We promise we’ll have you on Cloud Nine in no time! 

1. Making it last

One of the key rules for successfully achieving lasting style, whether you want volume and curls or sleek straight looks, is perfecting how the hair dries.  

For waves and curls

It’s essential that you never straighten your hair before you curl! Not with a hairdryer, not with a straightener. Either one will set you up for a curly failure. Hair will revert back to the style you’ve dried it in, hence why your curl won’t last long. Instead, use a diffuser when you’re trying your hair. If you dry your hair using a diffuser, a high heat setting and the lowest wind speed, you will retract any excess moisture – and accentuate the natural movement of your hair. 

For sleek and straight

If you’re going for straight and sleek, the same rules apply, so ensure you’re cool, calm, collected and in a dry room before you begin the blow dry process (basically, make sure you’re not still in a post-gym- post-shower sweat or styling in your humid bathroom…you get the picture, the result will be Hagrid-esque).

2. Prep, prep, prep

The term “prior preparation prevents poor performance” is relevant (X 10298190) to hairstyling. If your hair is freshly washed, work a mousse or our Amplify Spray into the hair at the root. If you’re styling a couple of days post wash, spray the hair with dry shampoo before styling. Both methods will aid lasting style and make the hair much easier to manipulate.

3. Pumping up the volume

Whatever the style; curly, wavy, straight or natural, you’re going to want some root-lift, especially around the face (it accentuates your natural bone structure!). A cheat to getting root-lift is to use a curling wand, holding the barrel/tool on the underneath of the hair close to the root. This will pump up for volume. Chic.

4. Despacito...

Patience is a virtue. Firstly, although sectioning your hair may be boring or seem time-consuming, it will be time efficient in the long run. Take small sections rather than huge chunks, this will ensure your style really lasts. Secondly, don’t rush when you’re styling (straightening or curling), it will only mean you have to repeat sections or go over multiple times. Take it slowly and style deliberately. This will minimise damage and ensure your style really lasts.

5. Baby, baby

Baby hair and fly-aways’ get us bad. The answer (yes, we said THE ANSWER) is simple. Spritz a make-up brush (a bronzer brush will do) with hairspray and once styled, gently move/brush your flyways.

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