Beauty bloggers spill their secrets!

We've grilled our favourite beauty bloggers of the moment on their top beauty tips, products they're loving at the moment and essential hacks they can't live without. Basically, we've got their deepest, darkest beauty secrets and you're totally welcome. We will be trying out ALL of these for sure!

Em Sheldon - Em Talks

"Sleep! It sounds so simple but nothing is better for you than getting enough sleep. You know what they say about beauty sleep, try and get 8 hours and your body will repair itself, plus it works wonders for your skin! I always put the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Oil on my skin before sleeping to give my face what it needs to repair.

Lauren Alexa - Naked Fashions

"If you want extra voluptuous lips then you need to perfect the ombre lip! The new Dior Rouge lipstick comes with the perfect combination of shades for effortless ombre lip. Instant plump looking lips!"

You can grab Lauren's fave Dior lippy with 10% off at House of Fraser and it comes in three gorgeous shades!

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Katy Belle

"If there's one product that I'm using religiously at the moment, it's the Chocolate Bar palette from Too Faced. One way to make your eyes really pop is by finding the shadows that flatter and complement your eye colour. The warm tones of this palette in particular really helps to bring out the green of my eyes, so I've been swearing by it lately. Not to mention the fact that the formula of the shadows themselves is so pigmented and blends like a total dream!"

Ashleigh Dougherty - Being Ashleigh

"I blogged recently about a really great bronzing contour palette from XIP Professional, which I swear by at the moment!

It’s a 6 powder palette called the Golden Touch Bronzing Palette from XIP Professional. Featuring 2 matte bronzing shades and a slightly darker one with a little bit of shimmer; it’s great for creating cheekbones and adding warmth to the skin. I find it so hard to find bronzers that don’t look muddy or orange on my pale skin, but this one is amazing and gives me the golden glow that I have always craved. The paler skin-tone shades are also great for a base for your highlighter or for setting concealer under your eyes."

Katie Nelson - KNEL

"I'm a full-time glasses wearer, but I'm also blessed with naturally long lashes. Very often my lashes can actually drag on my lenses when I blink - that's where my trusty eyelash curler comes in! I always wear a waterproof formula as well because then if my lashes do drag on my lenses, they don't leave little black marks behind!"

Helen - The Lovecats Inc

"My beauty tip is to paint your nails an hour before you go in the shower as, if you've made a mistake, the shower will rinse any of nail polish you might have got around your nails!"

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