8 reasons you need pastel peach hair

August is Peach Month. We don't know who makes up this stuff but what we do know is that we like it! Any excuse for a theme in the UNiDAYS office and we are there. Dog day? We're in. Chocolate donut month? Duh, we're already eating them. Basically, we just love a bandwagon and this month is all about the peaches. We're taking it a step further and checking out the hair colour of the moment. Peachy pink locks are all over our Insta feeds and Pinterest boards so here's the 8 reasons you need it in your life!

1. The super pink peach version

2. This dark lipstick pairing

And freckles? Just gorgeous.

3. The fade to bright

Super light roots faded to brighter than the sun peach? We're in.

4. The peach buzz

Obsessed with this look!

5. Peach with dark roots

Easier maintenance than all over bleach? Yes plz.

6. The orange-y peach locks of dreams

Want more orange-peach than pink-peach? This is goals.

7. Blunt and to the point

A straight cut bob makes this colour stand out for miles.

8. Reddy-peach with space buns?

You're killing us. Staaaaap.

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