7 study apps worth having

Studying can often feel like a chore, it becomes time-consuming and stressful. Whilst I can’t reduce your workload, I can make your life easier with the following apps...

1. Quizlet

Why not make your commute useful and fit in some revision? Quizlet is a great app for revising on the go! Create flash cards and test yourself on different topics through games and tests. You can also access other peoples study sets, so it’s easy and fun.

2. Word Reference

Word Reference is an online dictionary app, which is especially useful if you’re studying a language as it also acts as a translator for words and phrases. Unlike Google Translator and other search engine translators, Word Reference gives you all the possible meanings of your word so that there is no confusion. It’s also a good standard dictionary so you can keep up in lectures and fully understand your course.

3. Microsoft Word

This app is great for working on assignments whilst travelling or when you don’t have access to a computer. You do need a Microsoft account but if you have one on your computer it will work on your phone as well. Having all your documents in the same format makes it a lot easier when you do transfer them to the computer or are emailing your professor your assignments. It also means that all your notes are consistent, so it looks a lot more organised. You can also get apps for PowerPoint, Excel, One Note and One Drive!

4. Mindly

Mindly is a great study resource, especially for recapping lectures and capturing your ideas. Its useful for all subjects as you can sort your mind maps into topics and sub-topics, it’s a great way to keep work your work organised. It’s good for visual learners as you can change the colours of the boxes and add pictures and text to make it more memorable for you. You can also share your mind maps, so you can create a group of mind maps on each topic!

5. Todoist

No, that is not a typo, it really is called Todoist – and of course it’s main features are amazing to-do lists. Dubbed the best of its kind Todoist is a simple app where you can add colour coded to-do lists in categories and sub-categories, so all your assignments are grouped together in one place. You can access your lists on all your devices and can collaborate with people all over the world on your projects, which makes the app a really great learning space as well.

6. Paper by 53

This app is brilliant for note-taking, writing and drawing, it’s an easy way to write quick notes and have them all in one folder. Paper also makes your notes very aesthetically pleasing which means using them to revise is a lot easier. If you’re studying a subject that involves sketching or drawing this is a brilliant resource for getting your ideas down quickly. You have access to multiple medias and can make any colour by mixing the set shades like you would in real life. You can also annotate your sketches and pictures making it great for drawing diagrams as well.

7. Evernote Scannable

Scan any documents, receipts or whiteboards and automatically save a copy of them on your phone. This is really useful for getting a blur-free copy of your friends' notes; sending your rough drafts to a professor and saving presentation slides. The app does often use flash to capture the image so check with your professor before using it in a lecture! So there’s my line up of the best apps to have for studying, it’s up to you how many you use, but hopefully, they’ll help make your life easier and more organised!

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