7 feels all beardsmen experience

Now that the beard trend has been and gone, those that you see sporting a healthy amount of facial hair are probably in it for all the right reasons. And whether you’re a fan of facial hair or not, there’s something to be admired about the time and patience it takes to grow a full beard.

If you’re still not convinced I’m about to lay down just a handful of things all beardsmen have been through as some point. Now I’m not saying you need to feel heartache for your bearded brethren but just give it a thought next time you cringe at the dude with milk in his stache.

The patchy beard feels

Why is my beard so damn patchy? Why doesn’t my moustache connect to my sides? Will this ever fill in?

An image

Image source

The sassy feels

Well I spent so long growing this I may as well have some fun right?

Image source

The itchy beard feels

“OMFG how does this itch so much? Why do these damn hairs want to curl back in on themselves and stab me in the chin? Am I scratching too much? Do I look like I have beard nits?

An image Image source

The have you thought about shaving feels?

“So how long are you going to grow that thing?” “You should probably shave that off if you want to get a new job” “What does your girlfriend think of it, does she want you to shave?”

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The WOW beard products can get expensive feels

Beard brush - £5, Beard Soap - £8, Beard Balm - £15. How does looking homeless cost so much?!

The is it safe to eat/drink this feels?

I’m still learning what I can and can’t eat! Will this get stuck? Will this smell? How do I even get this past my beard and into my mouth?!

An image Image source

The beard idol feels

How does he look so good? I wonder what products he uses! I wish my beard looked as great as his! An image Image source

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