6 of the best pieces of Hello Kitty merch rn

If you didn’t have Hello Kitty bedding at some point in your childhood you’re either lying or your parents were mean. But whether you enjoyed Kitty’s company or not, you’re in for a treat because our favourite feline is back! We can indulge in bows and loveliness and 90’s nostalgia once again. To help you find the cutest of cute, here are my best picks!

1. Hello Kitty sandwich bags

Who wouldn’t be excited for lunch when your food is packed into these little bundles of joy? Roll on 12pm.

An image

2. Hello Kitty pencil case

On those cruel 9am Thursday lectures, what better to get you through than Hello Kitty’s smiling face on a pencil case? (ok, she doesn’t have a mouth, but if she did, she’d be smiling.)

3. Hello Kitty Tangle Teezer

Everyone needs a Tangle Teezer in their life and this one has Hello Kitty on it so, you know, it’s better.

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4. Hello Kitty rosé wine (!!!)

The description aptly encourages you to ‘raise a toast to your 11-year- old self’. Now you officially have a birthday present to ask for from the distant aunt who only knows you as ‘the Hello Kitty lover’.

5. Hello Kitty x Lazy Oaf oversized hoodie

Some days all you need is a giant hoodie, so it should probably have Hello Kitty and milk on it. Comfort and cuteness.

An image

6. Hello Kitty x Lazy Oaf shirt

Probably the cutest item of clothing you’ll ever see. Oversized shirt, open back, pockets AND bows. Yes, yes, yes.

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