5 new year new me detox tips

Coming off the back of Christmas and the new year can leave even the best of us feeling a little sluggish. Chances are you’ve thought about how you can clean up your act a little... but detoxing seems ridiculous and hocus pocus like. Today I want to clear all of that up. Demystify the detox jargon and help you to feel a little bit healthier in 2018. I’ve lined up 5 things that you can do to clear out the junk and bring on the goodness.

1 - Drink more water

Seriously guys, I can’t stress the importance of getting more water in. Water is seriously useful for improving your skin, hydration levels and reducing toxins in the body. Ideally you want to be going for 2 litres a day but build this up gradually to make it something you stick to.

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2 - Go green

Upping the amount of vegetables you eat is going to have a serious impact on what’s going on in your body. I’m not against sugar but if you’re looking for a little boost then try cutting back on the sweet stuff and get more leafy greens in. Throw in some fruit in sensible doses to help up your vitamin C but bare in mind that even natural sugar, is still sugar.

3 - Scrub up

Living cities and busy towns can have a big impact on the amount of dirt and grime our faces come into contact with. This can leave your skin looking dull and tired and worse still... polluted air can make the shedding of skin cells even harder. Opt for a facial scrub you can use once or twice weekly to get your skin lifted and feeling fresher. You can grab this Bulldog Skincare face scrub from Feelunique, or if you're wanting something a little more premium there's the Clinique for men option. Another bonus is you can save money on these items with your Feelunique discount.

4 - Hit the gym

Hitting the gym doesn’t have to be just about getting swole and putting on size. By working out you’re promoting the movement of lymphatic fluid which fills your muscles and removes excess liquid. Lymphatic fluid helps to remove toxins on the deeper layers of your skin, pushing these out and giving you that post gym glow.

5 - Mask it up

Face masks can feel a little weird and as a guy I can say I was definitely a little bit freaked out at first. However, face masks that use natural ingredients or plant based amino acids can help to purify your skin. Opt for a face mask after using a face scrub as otherwise the dead skin can act as a sponge for the mask meaning your face won’t feel the full benefit. why not try this Barber Pro Face Putty, with a skin rejuvenating formula it helps to loosen blackheads and cleanses deep into your pores to remove any impurities.

There we have it guys, 5 super simple tips that put an end to the detox confusion. It’s not all cucumbers and alkaline but more about how we can live life a bit more healthy and naturally. Remember, you can use your UNiDAYS app to save cash on gym memberships and some of the products shown in this post so there’s no excuse to start your detox!

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