5 lots of sassy summer hair inspiration

Summer is here and that means time to shake up your hair style. Whether it's bright sunshine or pouring rain outside these looks will make you feel like summer will never end.

1. 80’s curls

This look takes time, but the end result is worth it, just look at the gorgeous Lily Collins. Head over to HQhair to pick up a slim tong such as this Babyliss styler to get those curls super tight! Take small sections of hair to achieve the true volume needed here. This look doesn’t have to be perfect, the 80’s were about being wild, so ruffle your hair and get ready to enjoy summer.

2. Summery sleek

The sleek look is to hair what red is to lipstick, classic and here to stay. The look is perfect for summer because you can hide that third day hair under the shine! For the ultimate sleek look grab your straighteners to smooth out any waves. Finish off by combing the roots with gel. If you’re after a beachier look simply plait your hair the night before, undo them in the morning then smoothen you root area with the gel and comb.

3. Low and high ponytail

From high to low, messy to smooth the ponytail is everywhere. If you’re after a simple look then go for a loose ponytail, it's perfect for the day time and so easy to get right. For a night time look try a high pony. Backcombing will provide a good lift but for that extra height combine with a volume spray or texturising powder. Pulling out a few strands of hair from a ponytail will shape the face and give the look a softer feel.

4. Plaits

Festival favourites this look is back again for Summer ‘17. To make your summer look stand out from the rest why not try the upside down plait? Tip your head over and braid your hair starting from the base of your head working upwards. You can do one plait or two, depending on how much time you have. Much quicker than you’d think to do, the upside down plait will have people asking if someone does your hair for you, trust me I’ve been asked!

5. Super-short crop

This look it not for everyone, although very low maintenance it is for the brave at heart. The shaved head has been rocked by many big names this year and it is certainly going to set you apart from the rest. Perks include saving on shampoo and an extra 5 minutes in bed (minimum). Although even on the warm summer nights there’s bound to be a breeze, so the money saved on shampoo might be needed for a beanie. Warning: Make sure to check this look will suit your face shape before taking the plunge!

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