5 long-lasting party beauty hacks

Party season is well and truly upon us and you're going to want your hard-earned hair and beauty to stand the test of time. Well, until at least 2 AM! Here are 5 awesome beauty hacks to help you with just that. These are totally tried and tested, trust us!

1. A bold lip solves everything

Don't like your dress? Think your shoes are blah? Grab your favourite bright lipstick and slick it on. All the attention is now on your gorgeous makeup, so don't worry too much. Plus, try dusting a translucent powder through tissue onto your lipstick in between coats, this will make it last longer. Article_BeautyHack_2 Image c/o WhoWhatWear.com

2. Smell great for longer

This is a really clever hack that not many people know. Spray your perfume onto your hairbrush before you style your hair and your scent will last for longer as it reacts with the warmest part of you - your head!

3. Layer it

If you want your makeup to really last through the dancing, bar hopping and constant drinks then use this hack! Apply thin layers of foundation to build up your coverage as opposed to one really thick layer to make sure it lasts longer. Then apply your concealer in the same way with a layer of powder in between and you should be set for the entire night!

4. Get your tape on

This is a seriously cool hack for getting your make-up spot on the first time so you're not only saving time getting ready, you're saving time later in the night so you don't have to touch up! Use some body tape (no, not sellotape or anything worse - something safe for the skin!) to map out the line of your winged liner or cat-eye shadow and you'll nail it the first time. Article_BeautyHack_1 Image c/o harpersbazaar.com

5. Prime time

Always use a primer suited to your skin type and makeup concerns such as pore-refining or illuminating and all of your make-up will definitely last longer. Plus, if you want to really take fixing makeup to the next level, a setting spray can really help hold things down.

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