5 hacks to help you learn faster

Studying at school, college or uni can be overwhelming when you have a million and one things to learn (it seems!), only one brain and 24 hours in the day. Here are 5 hacks that are designed to focus your brain and make learning smoother, less overwhelming and hopefully easier!

1. Break things down

Information needs to be in bite size pieces for us to really digest it and ultimately learn it. If you were told everything about how to fly a space-shuttle in a two hour lecture you probably wouldn’t be able to do it. But, if you were taught it in 20 minute chunks over a period of a day you would probably remember a lot more.

2. Focus on how many no how long

Saying that you studied for ‘5 hours straight’ is all well and good but did you actually learn anything? Repetition is the key to remembering so read your notes on the specific topic you want to remember three to four times rather than reading a lot of different topics over a longer period of time. This is more efficient and faster!

3. Gamify!

By turning studying and learning into a game your brain reacts well to this. Whether this is just in terms of treating yourself to a sweet after a chapter of reading or asking your friends to test you and receiving rewards if you get a certain number correct - it works!

4. Chill out

You need to take short but fulfilling breaks away from studying in order to make sure you’re actually learning. This is similar to point 1 & 2 but it really works. If you’re studying for 2 hours straight without a break your brain simply won’t focus for that long and you won’t take as much information in.

5. Tech up your studies

Do pieces of paper and notepads drive you mad? If you’re simply not a stationery and pens type of person then studying this way might not be the most effective way of learning. Download your text books on iBooks, watch videos to learn and use your Apple Reminders to create to-do lists. Don’t forget that you can grab up to 10% off at the Apple Store for Education using your UNiDAYS discount. Happy studying! Blog-Perk-Template-(2)

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