13 apps and podcasts to rule your summer

Summer life as a student sometimes isn’t the ideal Insta worthy experience for everyone. It tends to mean a four (ish) month stretch of uncertainty. A state of limbo until you start or head back to uni! Need a little escape? Here are 13 apps and podcasts to inspire, educate, de-stress and organise you this summer!

There is absolutely an app or podcast for everyone. A personal mini trainer, advice from your favourite podcasters or a nosey into someone else’s life. There is a download for you to fulfil those dull moments through a student summer.


1. Headspace

Meditating and mindfulness can feel very overwhelming for a beginner. Particularly for students living away from home dealing with anxiety, loneliness or stress. This ten minutes a day of switching off and relaxing can improve your mental stability. The calming voice and simple organisation of the app have a positive impact in your everyday routine. It’s liberating to put your trust into an app for help and it is why mindfulness is something everyone should be aware of! Check out the beginners guide to mindfulness if you want to know more.

2. Highbrow

For a student, being constantly focused on your course can weigh down your motivation. So having a break from studying and dipping into completely random knowledge can be freeing! This app is mini lessons sent to your inbox about any topic of your choice! It can boost your inspiration, enthusiasm and thought-process. Filling your spare time throughout summer has now got a lot simpler as well as keeping your brain productive and active!

3. Duolingo

Likewise to Highbrow, keep your brain active with this quick and fun way to learn a language! You can get really competitive with yourself by earning streaks. Great through term time as well as the summer period.

4. Plum

These apps look great for those who need that extra help with sorting their finances and savings! The personal savers send messages and monitor your habits to help you save where possible. Without you having to deal with the hassle yourself!

5. Skyscanner

A great way to keep an eye on cheap flights for those last-minute getaways! As a student with a summer job, holidays can be a struggle but with this you can keep that spontaneity up. From a weekend away to a beach paradise holiday, the possibilities are endless.

6. Fight Lists

This is some serious fun. You play against friends or others online to see who can create the longest lists in your given category. Time goes very quickly through summer when you have this one on your phone!


A list of some of the amazing podcasts to take the stress of reality away during the summer period. A day at home? Check these out, they don’t even need an introduction.

7. The Guilty Feminist

A hilarious group of people taking control of talking about what’s important and spreading empowerment!

8. At Home With…

Two great blogger/vloggers lead you into the homes of some pretty dam inspirational woman for tips, advice and a sneak of their own décor!

9. TED Talks Daily

A great podcast covering absolutely masses of current and serious content to spread wise education for everyone. Most probably all topics covered here.

10. Motivate Yourself

A therapist wanted to spread the love in between his one to one sessions. He keeps spirits alive and shows you anything is possible!

11. Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review

These two great critics cover the new releases giving you a great insight or perceptive on your latest favourite film.

12. Crash On My Couch

Two YouTubers covering the weird and wonderful in the word. This will get you laughing, confused and wanting to conquer the world!

13. My Dad Wrote A Porno (hilarious!)

An absolute gem. You will not be able to get enough of it. Three hilarious people delve into one of their father’s own written porno that will have you cringing! (Listen with headphones only!)

Words: Mollie Lindsay-Bush

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