How to work more efficiently

Heading back to uni is coming up faster than you might think and it's almost time to start thinking about the dreaded workload of your course again. Here are 5 tips to help you work more efficiently and study like a boss!

1. Make your workspace work for you

If you work well in chaos, don't tidy up! But, if you find that a tidy desk equals a tidy mind with you then it's wise to keep things organised and fairly neat. If this means investing in new storage solutions, filing and the odd ring-binder and pen pot, do it! You're investing in your studies.

2. Take breaks

Taking time out doesn't necessarily sound like the most efficient way of getting studying done but if you work better in shorter, more concentrated bursts then it could definitely be the way forward. If you find that your concentration wanes after an hour, take a short, snappy 5-10 minute break and then get back to it for another burst.

3. Get the tech right!

Whatever your course, make sure that you've got the best laptop or tablet for what you need. For example if you're in need of a laptop to get all your essays done and really focus on a lot of word documents and spread sheets a Dell Inspiron would be fantastic. It's a hard working laptop for an even harder working student and it'll have everything you need! If you're on a more creative course then a Dell XPS will be a slightly better fit due to the amazing screen quality and retina display. Don't forget that you can save 15% off Hardware at Dell using your UNiDAYS discount! ‌
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4. Stop multi-tasking

If you flit from task to task without actually finishing one before you start the next this can be counterproductive. You may feel like you're working really hard but you're actually wasting more time re-focusing on the task at hand when you move between a few things. If you focus on one task at a time you should find that you get what you actually need to get done, done!

5. Be prepared

Know what you need to get done before you settle down to do it. Break down your work into sections, write to-do lists and even try using task management software such as Trello. This kind of thing lets you organise your projects, your workload and even pre-requisite tasks so you know exactly what you need to get done before you can move onto the next thing. ‌
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