3 calming pillow mists to master a glow-getter sleeping pattern

Are those sleepless festive period nights showing under your eyes in the form of dreaded dark circles and big puffy bags? I bet there is fair few of us that woke up on New Year’s Day thinking, sh*t I really need to kick myself back into a good routine so I can be that glow-getter I never was last year. To get a head start on that 2019 new year resolution of going to bed early, here are a few pillow mists that will help you drift into your dreams (of being in the ‘thank u, next’ music video) after a good soak, a fix-everything facemask and a peaceful meditation tape, of course.

1. Tisserand Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist

Made with 100% natural essential oils by aromatherapy experts, this relaxing blend of Lavender, Sandalwood & Jasmine will have your head hitting the pillow faster than you can say insomnia.

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2. Sanctuary Spa Sleep Dream Easy Pillow Mist

This sleep-easy spritz of calming midnight flowers and lavender oil will sink you into a calm state of so drifting off is a breeze.

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3. The Body Shop Quiet Night Dreamy Pillow and Body Mist

The mix of Jujube date & camomile will send you into a satisfyingly tranquil sleep once you dip into your comfy bedsheets on these cold January nights. Don’t forget your hot beanbag! Does anyone even use hot water bottles these days?

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The self-care and share trend probably won’t stop this year (I mean those face-mask selfies or bath bomb boomerangs), but avoiding social media and ditching your phone an hour before bed will help secure your sleep. Blue light from phones and tablets can damage your eyes and disrupt the production of melatonin, a hormone that regulates the body’s sleep cycle. Sorry to sound like your nagging mum, but no phones before bed kids!

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