10 super easy halloween costumes

Halloween is on the way and it's time to start thinking about your costume! Here are 10 super easy costume ideas ranging from the music and movie inspired to the down right lazy and straight back to the Halloween classics. Plus, we've thrown in some couple ideas too!

1. David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust

It's as easy as two shades of eyeshadow, some eyeliner and some glitter! Make sure you grab yourself some surgical tape to mark out the shape of the lightning bolt. Outfit wise, anything glam 70s rock will do the trick perfectly.

2. Taylor Swift

This is super simple and a great alternative to your classic dead-anything outfits. Striped top? Check. Blonde hair or wig? Check. Red lipstick? Check. Sunglasses? Check? Big piece of cardboard with a whole in it? Check! 7.Music

3.Wednesday Addams

Back to more typical Halloween ideas, Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family is one of the easiest but most effective costumes to whip up for the scary season! All you need is a long sleeved black dress, this ASOS Lace Sleeve Skater Dress is perfect, some black tights and some cute flats. These New Look Triple Strap Shoes are a great fit and you won't have to worry about struggling in heels towards the end of the night, girls! If you have dark hair simply style it into two plaits or grab yourself a long dark wig. Add some eyeliner and plenty of white face powder. Done! 4.Movie

4. Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn is definitely going to be one of the most popular Halloween costumes this year thanks to the release of Suicide Squad. Go as Harley or the Joker or grab your bae and be the ultimate power couple! Then, grab the rest of your friends and rock up as the whole squad. giphy GIF Source Make sure you're either dying your hair or dying your wig the original Harley colors, make sure to use a semi-permanent dye if you're dying your actual hair! Manic Panic NYC Semi Permanent Hair Color Cream in Blue Moon and Candy Pink, available from ASOS are great for this.   5.Movie-Products-2

5. Error 404 Costume Not Found

Pretty lazy but also pretty funny. Grab yourself a plain white t-shirt and a black marker and write 'Error 404 Costume Not Found'. Funny and original! ‌

6. Snapchat Rainbow Filter

Tthis one is so effective! Get yourself a tonne of good quality face paint and a white t-shirt and get painting. It's fairly easy to get this effect, it just takes a little time so, be patient. Add some pink blush to your cheeks and try and make your eyes look as wide as you can.

7. Classic Halloween Bat

Another little black dress triumph here! Or, black top and black pants triumph for you guys. Pick up some black mesh or fabric from a cheap store, cut into the shape of wings and then sew to your dress or top under the arms in the shape of wings. If that's not a simple costume I don't know what is.


8. Medusa

To be the mythological Greek monster that is Medusa you can wear a Grecian style dress in either white or black or create your own with a sheet - think toga party! Then, pick up a packet of toy worms or snakes from the pound shop, pile your hair on top of your head and stick those snakes in all over the place. Easy!

9. Christian Grey & Anastasia Steele

One for the lovers. Dress up as Christian & Ana from Fifty shades with the help of a simple suit, like this ASOS Grey Wool Suit and a cute dress like this ASOS Ditsy Ruffle Tea Dress. Add handcuffs or something weird if you really want to up the anti! Get a little help from Lovehoney with their Fifty Shades of Grey Masks and Christian Grey Tie.   3.Fiftyshades

10. Bank Robbers

Last but not least is this classic bank robbers costume, another great couples one! All you need is a striped top, black pants and a mask! Try this PS By Paul Smith Contrast Stripe Top and Mono Stripe Shell Top for a his & hers look - both from ASOS. 2.Robber

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