The casual edit - no jeans allowed

When you’re chillin’ like a villain you want to be in the ultimate state of comfort, right? Definitely. We’re talking getting rid of the skinny jeans, wearing almost exclusively elasticated waistbands and definitely no laces to tie up. Let’s get into the amazing (and v v comfy) pieces that will make you feel like you’re still in your pyjamas but you’re acceptably dressed for the outside world. Yas.

Go graphic with Nasty Gal

Graphic tees are a stable of our wardrobes now, aren’t they? I don’t think there’s a week that goes by where one of my outfits doesn’t contain a graphic tee. Nasty Gal are the queens of the slogan, graphic or statement tee right now and I’ve picked my favourite to share with you today. If you’re into the yellow trend (like I am!) and you want to include it into almost every outfit you can rn then you’ll love this sweet like Honey tee! Perfect with any jeans, denim skirt or dungarees, the epitome of cute. Basically, if you need a cute tee, Nasty Gal is the place to be and you can always get at least 10% off with your UNiDAYS account!

Slip on summer

During the hot months (apparently like, now!) you don’t want to be messing around with shoes too often but occasionally you have to venture away from flip-flops and sandals if you’ve got a little bit more walking to do. When I have to wear actual shoes I almost always reach for slip-on Vans. They’re the comfiest shoes ever and you don’t have to mess about with laces that will constantly come undone. I am not about that life. Vans currently have a huge sale on right now, you can save up to 50% off and then an extra 10% student discount which is banging, let’s be honest!

Of course, the classic black and white checkerboard is always going to be a winner with any outfits but they can be a little bold for some people. I’m loving the pale pink, blue and yellow options that are all in the sale too that are super cute and a little bit prettier than your standard monochrome.

No jeans allowed

Nope, as we’ve already discussed - when you’re comfy you’re not wearing denim. Absolutely not. I’ve been checking out Urban Outfitters (where you can save 10% off even on sale stuff!) and they have some awesome alternatives to jeans.

Track pants, trackies, sweatpants, whatever you call ‘em, they’re back in style and it’s perfectly acceptable to wear them as part of an actual outfit. Thank the Instagram lords. These Kappa Astoria Black Track Pants look insanely comfy and are monochrome so will go with almost anything you already own too!

Finally, these Alana Tapered Joggers caught my eye and, hear me out on this one. I know they kinda look like pjs. But style them with a smart casual top to dress them up a bit and you're on to a winner. See what we’ve done here? Basically a blog post full of outfit ideas as well as a shopping list. Nailed it.

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