Love protein? Love THE PROTEIN WORKS™

THE PROTEIN WORKS™ are ready and raring to offer gym-loving students 10% off - now if this doesn't motivate you to get lifting, what will? We've trialled some of their most popular products to give our readers the heads up on what's hot and what works from THE PROTEIN WORKS™. We trialled the Whey Protein 80 i-Shakes in Caramel Macchiato, Strawberries & Cream and Choc Mint Brownie. Our favourite out of these three has to be Caramel Macchiato, it truly tastes like an iced latte from our fave coffee shop - the perfect pick-me-up for the morning. The range of flavours that are available at THE PROTEIN WORKS™ is amazing. Think Millionaire's Shortbread, Cherry Bakewell, Jaffa Cake, everything that we love in a cake is now a protein powder. This couldn't make us cake fiends any happier! protein-2 How many times have we wished that the things that taste incredible were good for us? Listen up guys, we have the answer! The Zero Syrups™ in Butterscotch flavour is by far our favourite addition to our lives this month. No calories, no fat, no sugar BUT it tastes like the most perfect pancake sauce ever to grace the earth. It's everything we thought dreams could be made of. Zero Syrups™ are also available in Blueberry, Cherry, Choc Fudge, Maple Syrup and Strawberry flavours. We've been adding it to porridge, yoghurt, fruit - literally everything that we can get our hands on. Next up in our package of delights we uncovered the Naked Protein Popcorn™ in Marbled Chocolate, which also comes in Sweet & Salty and Frosted Cinnamon flavours. This was the product that divided the UNiDAYS office between the love and hate camps. Addictive, chocolatey and snack-happy, half the team absolutely loved it and the other half will probably be sticking to the cinema-style classic. We reckon it's a bit like the Marmite of popcorn! The Naked Protein Popcorn™ has 21.7g of protein per pot (the pretty hefty 100g pictured), 436 calories and 58.4g of carbs so we're not recommending that you nail the entire tub in one sitting if it's abs you're after. protein-1 We also gave the Whey & Oat Crisp Protein Flapjack Bars in Rocky Road a really good go! These were also amazing and tasted like a seriously naughty treat, but seeing as they fitted into our healthy, gym-going diets, we loved it. These do have 266 calories per bar and are high in carbs but they pack a serious punch with 19.2g of protein so are the perfect snack to up your energy levels! These flapjacks also come in the tasty-sounding Banoffee Blast, Dark Choc Chunk and Choc Orange Twist flavours, so whatever you fancy - there's one for you! protein-4 Head over to THE PROTEIN WORKS™ and check out their awesome range of products that are essential for gym-training and losing those stubborn Christmas pounds. We're off to try and add Zero Syrups™ into the rest of our daily lives (yep, it's THAT good)! Let us know what products you're loving on Twitter and Instagram, we want to see those #healthies!

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