How to travel the world when you've got no money

Travelling costs a tonne of money right? Well, actually that’s not necessarily true. There are loads of ways out there that can help you travel for free or with very little money at all if you know where to look. So if your bank balance isn’t looking too healthy but you’re dreaming of seeing the world, listen up.

Stay for nothing

Accommodation is one of the biggies when it comes to travel expenses, but what if you could stay in places for free? Housesitting is an awesome way to stay in some incredible locations all over the globe. If you’ve never heard of it before you simply create a profile, demonstrate you are trustworthy with some references and get applying.

Another way to score free accommodation is to couchsurf. In many countries, particularly where people are keen to practice their English, this is very popular. Yes kipping on a stranger's sofa might sound a bit weird at first, but you can always meet them for a coffee before to see if you get along. Plus you’ll get insider tips for the best things to see and do.

If you’re not so fussed about home comforts and like nature, travelling with a tent is also a great way to stay for free depending on the country you are travelling in. For example, in Mexico, you can camp on most beaches for free and in Sweden, a law called ‘right to roam’ gives everyone the freedom to pretty much camp wherever you like.

Exchange your skills

Next up in terms of how to travel with no money tips is to do a work exchange. There are lots of formal ways of arranging this through websites such as Work Away or WWOOFING where businesses will trade you room and board in exchange for work. You can either do this as you as you go or plan a whole trip around where you will volunteer.

The type of work can range from labour on organic farms to decorating, and walking dogs at an animal shelter to helping with cooking classes. Then there is also the informal way of setting up work exchanges. Hostels all over the world offer beds and sometimes meals too in exchange for a few hours working on reception or in the bar. All you need to do is ask.

Travel for free

You probably wouldn’t think about doing this where you live, but in many places around the world hitching a ride is a completely normal thing to do. Some great countries travel around by thumbing a lift: New Zealand, The Netherlands and Germany. There are also car sharing websites in most countries where you can pretty much get anywhere if you chip in for fuel.

If none of these travel hacks float your boat, another option is to take a paid job overseas. Teaching English, particularly in China and South Korea is a very well paid option. Some schools will even pay for your flights out there. Working as a language au pair, a tour guide or on board a cruise ship are also all great options for travelling when you have no funds.

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