How to pack for a weekend city break

Although it might seem like a fairly simple task, packing for a weekend city break can actually be pretty difficult. Especially if, like me, you struggle to make decisions and worry about every possible little detail - will it be cold? What if I get too hot? Are we eating out somewhere fancy?

The key is to choose wisely, most of us will be restricted to hand luggage and getting those warmer/cooler, day and night options into that tiny Ryan Air compartment can make even the most skilled Tetris players shake with nerves.

With that said, here are just a few of my personal handy tips that can help you get the most and take the most with you on your upcoming city break.

Wear your biggest items

The thought of wearing your coat on a plane might have you huffing and puffing already but bear with me. The idea here is to wear your bulkiest items rather than storing them in your case and losing valuable storage space. There’s a weight limit on your case but no one will question if you jump in your seat looking like the Michelin Man.

Get your case sorted

You’ve probably read articles like this before and were expecting the slick carry-on bag to pop up at some time, right? As nice as they look, I’m not a fan of duffle or barrel bags for city breaks. Carrying a bag with no specific compartments is a quick way to get shoulder ache and make a hot mess of your neatly folded clothes. Instead, I prefer to go for a cabin case with wheels and a handle which lets me move swiftly around whichever city I visit next. This House of Fraser Linea suitcase is spot on.

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Pick transitional items

You want to look your best, I get it, but now isn’t the time to pack 3 types of coats and 4 pairs of shoes. Instead, you want to go for items which can easily be dressed up or down. In terms of outerwear something like a pea coat can easily be worn during the day with jeans and trainers and when it comes to the evening you can slip on a pair of smarter shoes and a shirt and have a foolproof dinner date style. Check out my top 4 outerwear picks here for a little more inspiration.

Grab a hat

City break weather can be pretty unpredictable, wherever you're going, and making sure your hair is looking good is one less thing you need to worry about. I usually grab a cap and loop it through my case handle to save crushing it. That way if the weather starts to act up I’ve got an escape plan from unruly, windswept hair. The great thing about hats and caps is that they can be as inexpensive as you like, meaning if you don’t usually go for them, you can pick up something nice and cheap then store it away again until your next break.

Pack some fun

OK so this isn’t technically a physical thing you can pack but the main thing is to remember that you should be enjoying your weekend. We all like to look our best but if you can’t take something or happen to forget your favourite t-shirt don’t let it spoil the chance to see somewhere new and have fun with your friends or family.

Hopefully, these tips will help you get the most out of your next city break. I recently went to Dublin for the first time and I’ll be off to Prague soon too so I like to think I get a bit of practice at this whole packing thing but if you’ve got any tips be sure to share them!

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