How to beat the travel blues

Whether it’s been a two-week trip relaxing on the beach or a six-month jaunt around several countries... we’ve all experienced that slow creep of post-travel depression as soon as we step foot back on home soil. We immediately start comparing carefree days filled with freedom, fun and sunshine to the boring routine of home.

But instead of sinking into a bad case of the blues when you return from your next overseas trip, try out some of these tips to ease you back into reality.

See it differently

After living in different cultures, making friends with people from all over the globe and eating the most delicious new foods, there’s no way you’ll be returning to your old life with the same outlook. Your eyes have been opened and there is quite literally a whole new world out there. But instead of comparing, use your experience positively to see your home turf with new eyes.

There’s probably tonnes of stuff right on your doorstep just waiting to be explored. Try to do some research and bring the new sense of adventure you found on your travels back home with you. After all, if you are expecting things at home to be dull and crap, they probably will be.

Embrace home

There’s nothing worse for your friends and family waiting eagerly to welcome you back from your travels, only to be greeted by someone who doesn’t feel quite as excited to see them. So instead of being preoccupied with how mind-numbing you’re anticipating your ‘regular’ life to be, focus your attention on being present and spending time with the people you love.

And yes, your adventure might be over for now but it’s pretty much impossible for you to have not missed some things about home. So whether it’s your favourite food, your wardrobe, or just being able to take a bath whenever you want, embrace and revel in the little things about being home.

Change things

Being away from home for a period of time quite often provides a perspective that you may have never experienced before. Maybe while you’ve been away you’ve come to the realisation that you really want to learn another language, that you hate your job, or even that a relationship in your life isn’t working out well for you.

Coming home having figured those things out is great timing because while you’ve been gallivanting around the globe, pushing your comfort zone to the max, you’re confidence will have soared and so there’s no time like now to change the things in your life that you aren’t completely happy with. Let travel teach you not to settle.

Keep travelling

Probably the most effective antidote for the travel blues is to start planning your next trip. This may be some way off financially, but even starting to save for your next global adventure will help keep you positive. As you’re researching the next awesome destinations you want to visit you’ll be focused on what you love about travel and not what you dislike about home.

So fill that empty hole you have with anticipation for your next trip! Before you know it you’ll have enjoyed being back home with the people you love, explored more of your own backyard and even maybe made a few big life changes before you’re jetting off with your backpack on your next big adventure.

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