Find the perfect sunglasses for your face shape

Finding the perfect pair of sunnies can be tricky but we’ve paired up with some of the biggest names in the sunglasses business to bring you the best frames to suit you this summer as well as some awesome discounts!

First up, how do you know what shape your face is? Surely it’s just face-shaped, right? Wrong! Your face can be many shapes but there are around 4 main shapes that most people fall into. Oval, round, square and heart are the most popular shapes. Square includes rectangle and ovals are very similar to diamonds so we’re just going to focus on these 4 this time.

To find your face shape, the easiest thing to do is to take a photo of yourself from straight on, print it off and draw a rough line around the edge of your face. Or, look in a mirror and trace around your face with a wipe-off pen! You’ll be left with a rough shape of your face.


Oval face shapes can pull off almost any sunglasses shape! Horizontal frames are great for balancing your face out as you will be longer vertically. Cat-eyes can also complement high cheekbones!


Round faces are usually pretty symmetrical and you have almost equal width and height which means geometric frames look great on your face. This means rectangles and horizontal flat-topped frames look great on you.


A square face shape usually has bold features and a strong jawline. Curvier frames will draw attention to your eyes and balance your jawline!


Heart shaped faces typically have pointier or narrow chins and broader brows. Even out your face with frames with exaggerated bottoms or light coloured frames!

Want to know which sunglasses will suit you? Let’s crack on with the quiz!

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