Ashley Alexiss X Lovehoney: The Q&A

Lovehoney are one of our amazing retail partners and they offer you guys an incredible 20% off using your UNiDAYS membership! So, when they announced their collaboration with the gorgeous Ashley Alexiss we knew we had to get involved with a little Q&A!

Congrats on modelling the Lovehoney Lingerie Christmas range! What are your favourite pieces from the collection?

"The black & wine basque is incredible. Not only is the fabric amazing against my skin, the construction of the piece really made me feel sexy. Plus, it offered support which is a huge plus for me."

Not only are you a successful model but you're also a successful entrepreneur, how do you juggle both?

"I basically don't sleep and I'm constantly fitting in each like a puzzle piece. If I'm at a photoshoot, while they're changing me, I'm on my phone going through emails from customers and responding. It's worth it though because I'm able to do what I love and make sure my business is well on it's way to success."

You also have a degree and obtained it whilst still working as a model and running your own business, tell us more about your degree and how you managed to obtain it whilst remaining a successful businesswoman and model?

"I have my Bachelor's degree in Communications and a Master of Business Administration degree, as well. This was definitely challenging because I originally started a a college where you'd attend classes every day and found that I would miss a lot because of photoshoots, or traveling for work. I wasn't willing to give up either one, so I decided to attend an online college, and it worked for me. When I was up at 4am, I could get homework and papers done. It took me a little longer to finish, but I'm proud to have both degrees because they're something that nobody can ever take from me. Plus, education is important."

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How did you become so body confident?

"It definitely didn't come easy and I do have my days where I don't love everything about myself but I came to the realisation that you only have one body, and you have to love it. The only opinion that matters is my own, so through critiques and what society deems as acceptable, I know that I'm good enough and I'm unique and that nobody is me. With that realisation, it's easier to love yourself because you're not in competition with anybody or anything. It's not something that happens overnight and it's not something that you don't have to work at every day, but being able to say you love yourself and your body & mean it, is a beautiful feeling."

What is your message to girls/women struggling with body confidence?

"It's okay to struggle and it's okay to be human but you have to realise how beautiful your uniqueness is. It's special to know that you are perfect for yourself & you deserve to love your body. Honestly, confidence will make you happier than any diet. My phrase is, "beauty is not a size" and if you tell yourself that every day, one day you'll truly believe it!

Did you have someone who inspired you or who inspires you?

"The women who message me day in and day out inspire me. Everyday, real women who are just honest and vulnerable about their body image send emails and messages that are amazing. When I get these messages, I'll usually look at their profiles and many of them are moms, working women, women of all different backgrounds and cultures, and it inspires me because they're like superwoman and to be able to see how confident they are, it keeps me motivated and keeps me going."

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