7 things to do this Bank Holiday

Hey UK! It's all about the Bank Holiday weekend so here are 7 fun ideas for things to do in case you're stuck for inspiration for where to go and what to do. From free things to do to becoming a culture vulture, we've got you.

1. Soak up some culture

I guarantee that there will definitely be so much going on around your town or city when it comes to the Bank Holiday weekend. We're talking markets, festivals, street food, art exhibitions, so much!

2. Food, food, food

Whether you head out for a picnic or get all the family round for a BBQ, the Bank Holiday weekend is the perfect excuse for chowing down on some seriously tasty food. It's a celebration of having a day off, after all. Check out this recipe for baked garlic parmesan wedges and loads more BBQ treats on our 6 Epic BBQ Recipes post if you decide to head down the garden grub route. Article_EpicBBQ_1

3. DIY and clearing out

Ok, not the most glamorous or exciting of the lot but it's so, so satisfying when it's done! Are there any little jobs that you've been putting off like hanging picture frames or sorting out your overflowing wardrobe? You have an extra day of the weekend so now's the time to get sorted. Get cracking on the Saturday and then you've still got a full weekend ahead of you that's 100% clear for fun stuff.

4. Explore the outdoors

We obviously have so many places to explore outdoors so if you're a city dweller and you don't usually get into the hills, it's time to move your butt away from the busy streets and out into the wilderness!

5. Road trip!

If you don't live near the capital or rarely spend time exploring London, a Bank Holiday is the perfect excuse for a long weekend or a day out. Check out our 16 Cheap Things To Do In London post for a little inspiration! We've got an awesome road trip playlist here too in case you need some tunes for your travels. ‌

6. Catch up with friends

You know those people that you're always saying you should catch up with? You have the perfect opportunity - a three day weekend!

7. Bar crawl

Obviously not until you're crawling home, kids, drink responsibly but an extra day to your weekend means an extra night for partying.

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