6 US fashion vloggers to watch this year

It’s 2017! Yep. 2016 is in the past, and with a new year upon us, some of us might be itching to change up our style. If that’s you then never fear, because here’s a list of the perfect online style gurus to help you go through 2017 fashionably.

1. Melissa and Stephanie Valenzuela (TheFashionCitizen)

These twin sisters are the definition of the effortlessly cool-girl and pretty much everything I want to be right now. The majority of their wardrobe is made up of great thrift store finds which is super inspiring because 1. it’s a promise that your outfits will be 100% unique and 2. proof that you can be super stylish while on a budget.

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Plus, they often sport several different pairs of beautiful glasses. So if you wear spectacles yourself, you can definitely get some ideas for some new frames from the two of them. These girls will both entertain you and inspire you to get creative with your style this year.

2. Jenn Im (Clothes Encounters)

Okay, so full disclosure... Jenn is also everything that I want to be right now. Her style is sleek and fresh and fits perfectly between a little bit girly and a little bit rock and roll. Jenn’s got such a cute and bubbly personality that’s super welcoming and immediately makes you want to be her best friend. She’s pretty much the epitome of “goals.”

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She’s got really great taste in fashion, music, interior design and everything else in-between and her hair always looks reaaallly good. Basically, she’s an all around great person and you’ll more than likely find yourself binge watching her videos. Oh, and she’s also great to look to for brow inspo as her eyebrow situation is pretty top-notch. Jenn’s energy and clean style are for sure some things to put on that vision board for 2017.

3. Arden Rose

Arden totally has that arsty simplistic style down pat. Seriously, she makes bangs and ringer tees look like they were made specifically for her to rock. Her style is pretty low maintenance but still looks current and put together. So if you’re not one to go to town with the accessories or you prefer to dress it down, she’s great inspo for how you can be simple and trendy at the same time.

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She’s also not afraid to branch into some life advice and deep convos with her viewers which is really refreshing. Arden definitely comes of as a real girl with great style, and her relatable energy will have you feeling like you too can be as stylish as her this year.

4. Marzia Bisognin (CutiePieMarzia)

As her channel name would suggest, Marzia is a cutie pie with an adorable Italian accent. Her take on style is whimsical and pastel and definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously. She loves wearing pom-poms, berets, and stripes. She’s pretty much a little fashion fairy that sprinkles her whimsy on everything she wears. She even has her own fashion line of pieces that perfectly capture her quirky personality in an oh so stylish way. If all that isn’t enough, she has two really cute pugs that pop into her videos quite often. What more could you want? If you’re looking to have a bit more fun with your style in 2017, Marzia is definitely one to check out.

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5. Kiitan A. (Kiitanaxo)

Kiitan’s bright and colorful aesthetic is perfectly matched to her personality. If you often find yourself wanting to dress like The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, look no further, Kiitan is your girl! She’s always wearing super bright colors and loud patterns and she styles them so perfectly. She also talks a lot about wigs and hair maintenance which makes sense given the fact that her hair always looks STUNN. ING. The best part about Kiitan is she just loves life and, I’m telling you, it’s impossible to not be happy while watching her. She’s lively and vivacious and her videos will put a smile on your face while convincing you that you can totally rock that top with the crazy pattern.

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6. Kate Albrecht (Mr. Kate)

I wanna be Kate when I grow up! Alright, so technically Kate is not a fashion vlogger (although she does post weekly style videos). But her interior design skills are not to be missed.

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She’s infectious and a DIY goddess that can make pretty much anything by hand and make it look expensive. I mean, interior decoration is an extension of your personal style, right? And who doesn’t love a good room makeover?

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