6 reasons why we love Meghan Markle

1. She’s a humanitarian

Meghan stands behind many different causes, from being a counsellor at One Young World, where she spoke on gender equality and modern-day slavery, to working with the United Nations. We love that she’s using her platform to talk about important issues.

2. She’s been a feminist from Day 1

After watching a sexist advert referring to ‘women fighting grease’ she wrote a letter to Proctor and Gamble urging them to rethink the wording of the advert. The best thing is that the advert was actually changed to ‘people fighting grease.’ Go Meghan!

3. We love her in Suits

Meghan starred in Suits from 2011 as Rachel Zane who starts on the show as a paralegal and eventually becomes an attorney. If you haven’t started watching Suits yet, get yourself better acquainted with the new royal and binge watch all of Suits!

4. She’s killing the fashion game

See below for all the evidence you’ll need:

5. She speaks out on what it’s like to be a WOC

For an interview with Elle magazine, Meghan addressed the issues surrounding her identity as a biracial woman. She talks about being asked ‘what are you’ as well as close-mindedness and what it’s like being ethnically ambiguous. You can read the full article here.

6. She's a total foodie

Meghan is a self-confessed foodie and has referred to her love of food in many interviews. You can even check out a blog she’s written on healthy foods! A girl who loves her food is a girl after my own heart!

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