5 worries about starting university

Going to university can be a scary step in life and there are so many questions to ask and so little time.

1. Will I lose contact with my school/college friends?

This is quite a common question that all students want to ask but don’t.

Your friendship is what you make of it!

The vibe may be a little different as you've gone from seeing them every day, to just once every now and then, but you are still friends and you will still have a tonne in common. Just make an effort to message them or ring them up to see what they are getting up to. You can also go and visit them either at their university or pop home for a weekend to see them and catch up. Failing that when you’re on holiday you can see them all day everyday.

2. Who am I going to live with?

This is a common worry, but you are all in the same boat. When picking halls of residence sometimes you are given a little information on who you’ll be sharing with but sometimes not. If you are then it would be useful to see what you have in common with the other student, but at the end of the day you're living with these people, this doesn't mean you have to be best friends or even friends, but it does always make things easier. As long as you're friendly, cheerful and chatty I'm sure you'll get on with everyone.

3. Who am I going to be friends with?

You always hear that people make their lifelong friends at uni and that can feel like a lot of pressure. Some people instantly click with someone immediately and they know that they will be best friends, but for those who need a little more encouragement, my main piece of advice for this would be to just say yes. For example, when people ask you to go round for pre-drinks or to go out or even just to pop to the local spoons SAY YES. Even if it is to just grab a coffee between lectures say yes. By hanging out with people you can meet their friends and you have more of an opportunity to meet others.

4. If I don't like drinking will I not enjoy uni?

No! Uni isn't always about the drinking, the clubbing and the massive hangovers. There are so many societies that you can join and hang out with like-minded people and do things that interest you. When picking a uni you should take a look at the city or town where the and see some of the other activates the city offers other than drinking.

5. Will I enjoy my course?

This is a massive one. In many cases you picking courses that you may have never studied before and you have no way of know that you don't like it until you go. Universities know this and are aware that people pick the wrong subjects. Don't panic! If, within a few months, you decide you don't like your course, then go to your academic adviser and asking for their opinion. If you either don't have an academic adviser or you’ve never met them, there will be a course leader who you can ask.

There are actually so many people you can ask from lecturers, seminar leaders or even the Student Union and they'll be able to advise you or point you in the direction of someone who can. There are so many options, depending on the uni and the course you're staying, but you can easily change course, change modules or even change uni if you want. You should never feel pressured into being somewhere or studying something that you don't like. You just have to be proactive and ask people.

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