16 reasons December is the best

Ever since I opened that first door on my advent calendar (yes I still have them because you're never too old for one), I can't help but think about all the other reasons I love December.


image (8) Image source vampirediaries.wikia.com
Obviously this is THE most important reason. Obviously.

2. Seasonal drinks

image Image source metro.co.uk
Who doesn't love a gingerbread latte or a black forest hot chocolate? Even if you don't love the drinks, you've got to love the cute Christmas cups!

3. Snow is falling

image (10) Image source mommyish.com
If you didn't follow that line with 'all around us' then we probably can't be friends. Snow in December is great because it makes everything feel so festive and magical. Snow in January and February however? Not so much.

4. It's Christmas jumper day

image (12) Image source ilovexmassweaters.tumblr.com
Christmas jumper day is on Friday December the 18th this year so everyone do your worst!

5. Get your bake on

image (11) Image source rebloggy.com
If you're a baking enthusiast like me then you'll be really excited at the Christmas baking opportunities. Reindeer cupcakes and gingerbread cookies and mince pies - the possibilities are endless.

6. Staying in is the new going out

image (1) Image source buzzfeed.com
If you'd prefer to stay in binge-watching a new Netflix series rather than to go out and get cold and spend waaay too much then this is the month that you don't have to feel guilty about it; everyone else is doing the same.

7. Sales sales sales

image (9) Image source metro.co.uk
After Black Friday, it's pretty much non-stop sales until February so you can get all those winter goodies for less!

8. Say hello to party season

image (6) Image source weheartit.com
It's finally time to take that super-sequinned, mega-embellished dress on a night out!

9. Christmas lights

image (1) Image source asweetsouthernmess.blogspot.com
I always think that Christmas lights make everything feel more festive (that is, if you're local light switch on wasn't as disappointing as mine was). Your electricity bill may triple but it'll definitely be worth it!

10. Gift shopping

image (13) Image source tumblr.com
Not only is it the perfect time to treat yourself, but it's also time to buy those Christmas gifts! And I love gift shopping almost as much as I love shopping for myself.

11. Winter fashion

image (2) Image source giphy.com
On the rare days when I'm wearing something other than pyjamas, I love all the faux fur coats and the layering and the cosy accessories.

12. Eat all the food

image (7) Image source giphy.com
Say hello to turkey and all the trimmings, mince pies and more chocolate than the human stomach should be able to handle.

13. Ice skating

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 09.56.43 Image source pinterest.com
You have two options with this one; you can skate around looking like an elegant swan or you can fall over 10 times a minute and create some entertainment for any on-lookers or passer-bys. Either way, it's all good fun.

14. Winter wonderland

image Image source visitlondon.com
If you're feeling like a bit of a Grinch this year then this will inject you with some much need festive spirit. I dare you to go to Winter Wonderland and not come away feeling really Christmassy.

15. You get that Friday feeling

image (3) Image source giphy.com
Because it's coming to the end of the year, you get that Friday feeling for the whole of December. The year is on it's way out and a new one is almost beginning!

16. Happy New Year

image (4) Image source giphy.com
I don't understand people who don't like New Years because it's "forced fun". Forced fun is still fun and how can anyone not enjoy the countdown to midnight?

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