10 ways to travel home without busting the bank

This post is brought to you by National Express.

It's getting to that point in the year when you're starting to think about going home from uni, but the cost is putting you off a little bit. But don't let that stop you! We've teamed up with National Express to give you 15% off full priced journeys.

Although if you're not feeling that... here are some other alternative options for you:

1. Don the old sneakers and start pounding those streets

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2. Disguise yourself as a suitcase and hide on the train luggage rack

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3. Get yourself a night shift job filling potholes and slowly make your way home

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4. Hitchhike with a clown

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5. Pull on Nan's heartstrings and get her to pick you up, even though she's not driven on a motorway since 1968

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6. Lift share with that lad who claims you went to the same school

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7. Get your mate to order an Uber whilst drunk and forget your new address

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8. Take that pizza delivery job then get your little brother to order a Hawaiian with extra pineapple

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9. Become a member of the Harry Potter club at Freshers and get one of their owls to fly you home

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10. Stop messing about and jump on a National Express coach

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