10 Christmas beauty looks that aren't a basic red lip

We all know the struggle of the Christmas season: how do I NOT do my makeup the same way for every party I go to? For me, it’s either a soft smokey eye and a matte red lip, or some silver shimmer, winged eyeliner, and- you guessed it- a matte red lip. But there’s gotta be another way, right?! Right.

I’ve done some research and I have compiled some of my FAVOURITE examples of holiday make up looks that will change things up while keeping you in the festive spirit. After all, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is sparkly makeup for all to wear (that’s how the expression goes, right?).

1. The Gilded look

As the song goes, “silver and gold decorations on every Christmas treeeee…..” But this year, it’s all about having silver and gold (and BRONZE) decorations on every FACE. Metallic eyeshadow is where it’s at right now, and mixing metallics is not just welcomed, but encouraged. I’m obsessed with this look Rachel Trudell featuring BH Cosmetics. The eyelid moves from gold on the inside to silver on the outside, and there’s a gorgeous- yet subtle- gold halo moving up towards the brow. This look could be worn to a classy Christmas party with the bold maroon lip, or could even be worn to ring in the new year. 7th grade me is VERY excited that glittery eyeshadow is back!

2. Taking the red eye

I told you this article would be makeup looks that weren’t a basic red lip- but I never said anything about a red EYE! Lime Crime is serving looks with their Velvetine matte lipstick….on the lips AND the eyes! What better way to make your makeup match, right? A deep maroon eye can be a festive alternative to the classic smokey eye if done right. But if you take any direction from Nyané Lebajoa and use Lime Crime, you’ll be good to go!

3. Let it glow

Holiday looks don’t always have to have a dramatic statement- sometimes it can be all about the subtle glow. Sigma Beauty’s Chroma Glow Shimmer + Highlight Palette is the perfect way to make your face shimmer like the ball that drops on New Year’s Eve! Add it into your basic eyeliner look to step it up a notch. I love the way Tanya Mua adds the glossy nude lip here, so as not to draw attention away from your gleaming skin. I could also see this look with a dark burgundy, eggplant, or even brown lip if you wanted a night time look.

4. Frosty lips

One of the best things about 2017 has been the re-emergence of the metallic frosted lip. After years of matte, I’m so happy we’re bringing some texture and shine back in! What I love about this particular look, using BH Cosmetics’ Waterproof Lip Liner and Metallic Liquid Lipstick in shade Mary Ann, is that you could keep the eye makeup light (soft peach and gold tones) to let the lip speak for itself (kind of a pun…), or you could add a smokey eye, possibly with some purple undertones, to dramatize things a bit. This lip calls for some serious contouring of the face, though, so please plan accordingly!

5. Not your BASIC red lip

Ok... So I guess I’m cheating a bit. But these aren’t your BASIC red lip! As I said, the days of us being stuck with matte lipstick are OVER- and the days of just having a statement eye are in the past. These days, you can ease up on the eye a bit - or even forego eye makeup altogether. Add some glitter, gloss, shimmer, or shine. Take the chance. You won’t be disappointed. And if you do choose to keep your eye makeup in the game, I suggest some winged eyeliner and a very subtle nude shimmer!

6. All about the eyes

I don’t consider myself a makeup expert by any means-- but I am a painter, so I appreciate a good artistic colour blend. This look, combining the Peaceful, Ambrosia and Felicity colours from Sigma’s new shimmer + highlight palette, is a work of art. It’s not the most traditional holiday look, but that’s one of the best things about it. This look will complement whatever glittery ensemble you’ve got planned for New Year’s Eve or can keep any elegant holiday evening party glamorous. I would not recommend pairing this look with an ugly Christmas sweater-- but hey, follow your heart.

7. You’re a mean one…

This year, the bolder the better. If there was ever a time to base your beauty regimen on the Grinch, it’s now. Green is a very festive colour, so why not make it the keystone of your holiday makeup look? I’d love to see this look, using BH Cosmetics’ Take Me Back To Brazil palette, combined with either a deep burgundy/eggplant lip-- or even with a nude shimmery or glossy lip! Up to you whether you want the eye to be the focal point (hey, another pun!) or if you want a lip that will match the intensity. You can’t go wrong!

8. Festive-Chic

I mentioned I’d love to see the green eyeshadow above with a deep lip, and Lime Crime is here to prove me right. What I love about this look is that the green eyeshadow is more subtle, so the burgundy matte lip stands alone, with a hint of green festivity up around the eyes. This look can be worn all the way through New Year’s- it’s incredible to me how they somehow made Christmas-colored makeup chic! It’s like the non-tacky version of the green eyeshadow and red lipstick I would’ve worn to school on December 23rd in 7th grade. All of the festive, with none of the clashing!

9. A natural glow

With all this talk of a bold eye or a bold lip, it’s easy to forget that sometimes a natural look is the best way to go! For that holiday brunch or a low-key family party, or even to balance out your wild holiday sweater, why not keep it simple? This look from Sigma Beauty is giving me MAJOR skin envy. It’s all about finding an eye shade that complements your skin tone and adds a bit of shimmer and warmth without dramatically altering your look. The lip is a very similar colour, and is serving a similar purpose- glamming up the natural colour! I love the highlight work done here, as well. Total 10/10.

10. I’m dreaming of a white... eyelash???

For the risk-takers out there!!! I suppose this look is pretty similar to the last one at the core-- adding some nude shimmer to glam up your natural features a bit- but then it takes things one step further by making it look like it just snowed on your face. And where else would you find white mascara than Lime Crime?? I’m really digging the clear glitter freckles, too. It’s like a gorgeous winter forest fairy!

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