Why should I care about the budget?

It’s time for the big red briefcase to come out again, but what does it all mean? Well more than you might think. The decisions being announced affect everything from the big stuff like education and the NHS to the small, but equally important, stuff like how much a pint of beer will cost!

With the Tories only taking 21% of the 18-29 year old vote at the last election (according to YouGov polls), it might be time that we get a budget that puts young people first. Here’s what to look out for.


With more and more of us heading to uni than ever before, concerns have been raised over the issues surrounding this. For example the amount of students overpaying their debts- 86,000 student in fact! Chancellor Philip Hammond is expected to make an announcement on a data sharing system to stop this from happening.

He’s also expected to speak on pay and jobs which could have a bearing on the things to come after you graduate.


It might feel like a long way before you have to start thinking about buying your own house, but the announcements in today’s budget could impact what happens when you do! Look out for what Hammond has to say on a cut in stamp duty for first time buyers, which could help more of us get on the property ladder.


Even if you don’t follow the news religiously you’ll know that the NHS is under a massive strain at the moment, and the top guys at the NHS are urging for an end to austerity. Keep an eye out for what Hammond has to say on investing in NHS services as it’ll probably have an impact the next time you need to visit the doctors.

Chancellor Philip Hammond is due to speak on the budget at around 12:30pm today!

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