The battle of the Christmas adverts

The season is here! The Christmas ads have arrived and it's time for the battle to commence. Who's your favourite supermarket character for this year? We've rounded up the ads that have hit our screens so far this festive season and we wanna know which one's your fave?

Marks & Spencer - Paddington

M&S rule Christmas, let's be honest. Their food is always awesome and their campaigns are so imaginative. This Paddington story is so cool and inventive, it's definitely up there for our Christmas ad favourite!

Tesco - Everyone's Welcome

Karen* A.K.A everyone's mum on Christmas yelling at you to get out of her kitchen is the epitome of the perfect Christmas and we love Tesco's ad because it's so normal. Super homely and chilled with every different family covered - heartstring central. Love it, Tesco! *Disclaimer, not sure if her name is Karen, just hazarding a guess.

John Lewis - #UnderTheBed

What's happening here then? Bets on what the gremlin/creature is? Could it be a Pollywog with massive eyes?

Asda - Best Christmas Ever

This chick is basically my style icon and is the cutest fringed little girl since Matilda, let's be honest. This incredible Wonka style journey around a Christmas factory is packed full of shooting gin intro truffles (perfect for the Mums and Dads) and strongmen smashing killer cakes. It is kinda the Christmas dream and I'm definitely into it.

Aldi - Kevin the Carrot

Our fave carrot dude finds himself a lady and it's the cutest vegetable-based animation we've seen in forever.


2/10 for creativity from me, Morrisons, sorry. Ant & Dec are the only redeeming factors in this incredibly dull and cliched Christmas ad.

But where is the Sainsbury's one!? Will Dave the hardworking dad make a reappearance or will it be time for Mog to take the animal crown again? Apparently, the Debenhams drop is coming this Friday and no idea what's happening with John Lewis rn. Only time will tell and I'm sure we'll have our answers very soon.


Let us know which is your favourite of the ones that have been released so far.

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