7 reasons why Stranger Things is all kinds of weird and wonderful

Since The Stranger Things cast won an award for an outstanding performance by an ensemble in a drama series at the SAG Awards, we've not been able to get enough of the creepy series!

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The thrilling Netflix-original series blurs the lines between drama, fantasy and horror as a trio of best friends meet a silent and specially gifted girl named Eleven, or El for short. Set back in the 1980’s all Netflix binge-watchers will know that whilst helping their new ally, the girl with special supernatural powers, a young boy disappears leaving his friends, mother and police chief to confront the terrifying powers of the Upside Down.

There are SO many reasons why Stranger Things is all kinds of weird and wonderful, here’s just a few of them:

1. The kids

What’s not to love about slightly geeky but ever so cool kids, on a mission to save their best friend. All being phenomenal actors, there’s no need to be cringing at any dodgy acting going on here!

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2. Monster

In a fantasy world of monsters and scientific creatures, the monster in Stranger Things is a creature originating from the parallel world known as the Upside Down. Not like anything you have seen before it soon becomes clear that this is no ordinary monster. Super weird and kind of creepy, but we love it.

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3. Mum's the word

Playing distressed mother to missing son, Winona Ryder places a role that makes your heart melt. Distraught mum spends a lot of time talking to the Christmas fairy lights, which is all kinds of strange, however it is also heartwarming as she seeks comfort believing that her missing son is communicating with her.

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4. The sounds

All the music comes from the time in which the freaky drama is set, great for all the Joy Division fans! With a particular focus on The Clash’s Should I Stay Or Should I Go, it’s the credit sequence and initial music that layers on the 80’s vibes.

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5. Stranger than strange

It goes without saying that Stranger Things is well, strange. Spooky woods, 80’s fashion, walkie-talkies, crackling phone lines and a girl with supernatural powers. But what’s not to love about all things weird and wonderful?!

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6. All the film references

The Netflix series features a variety of film references of which you may or may not have noticed. With lots to identify, here are just a few films that get a nod: The Goonies, ET, Grease, Star Wars and Alien.

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7. The Topshop collection

In anticipation of the 2nd series, Topshop have released this absolutely killer range of tees and sweats. Obsessed. Grab 10% off with your UNiDAYS membership. Yas.

Are you excited for season 2? Let us know what you think!

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