5 ways to make a good first impression

Whether it’s in a professional setting, or you’re just looking to get a new friend on side, making a good first impression is not always as easy as it looks. Luckily, the lovely people at UnCOVered came up with a few tips to help sell yourself and make everyone aware of just how great you are!

(Tip 1: don’t run around telling everyone how great you are).

1) Body language

hug Psychologists say that communication between humans is 20% verbal and 80% non-verbal. This means that people are making impressions of you long before you even speak (bit harsh). However, there are ways to sell yourself through your body language to gain a few points early. Open body language is a tell tale sign of a friendly and approachable person. Try not to hunch over, put your head down, or close yourself off. Keep eye contact with the person to show that you’re engaged with them. People like to see that the person they’re speaking to is interested, so make sure they know.

2) Positivity

thumbsup Everybody loves someone that they can rely on when the chips are down and these tend to be the ones who think positively. In the workplace and your personal life, problems can frequently arise, but it’s how you choose to view them that’s the key. If you’re meeting someone under poor circumstances, share times when you also had to overcome hardships and relate to their problems. You’ll find a quick bond and get the buzz of helping someone. On the other hand, no one likes being around people that are doom and gloom all the time, so be adventurous and willing to give things a try.

3) Confidence

Confident This can be a tricky line to follow, what’s confidence and what’s arrogance? Keep it light hearted, be confident in who you are and what you have to offer but don’t take yourself too seriously. We all have talents and characteristics that can enrich the people around us; you’ve just got to pick the right moment to show them.

4) The little things

clothes You may have heard before that it’s the little things that make the big things, and it’s no different when you’re trying to sell yourself. Keep your appearance in mind, including well-maintained hair, clean and ironed clothes and your dazzlingly fresh scent. There are loads of other little tricks at your disposal, like using the person’s name to show you are paying attention to them, or, and that brings us to our last point…

5) Smiling

smile So simple and so important, smiling might just be the best way to make a good impression. Yeah it’s cliché, but a big old smile really is infectious. Everyone is happier around a happy person and wearing your grin with pride shows you’re an enthusiastic person that knows how to enjoy themselves. These are just a few important things that can help you out in a lot of social and professional scenarios. Yet, the main tip is always to just do your thing and be you. It usually doesn’t take people long to spot someone who’s fake or putting on a front. Do what’s natural and everyone will be on board in no time.

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