5 Labour Party policies that will affect students post-election

I'm sure you're all wondering, if you're not in the know already, about what affects you, as a student from the Labour Party. This is just some of what Jeremy Corbyn wants to implement with his party's policies.

1. No tuition fees

I mean, thank you, Jeremy! "Tuition fees will be abolished and maintenance grants reintroduced for university students".

Obviously, this is a fantastic result for students and prospective students across Great Britain. No more worrying about horrific student loan repayments.

2. The work environment

Under the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn aims to outlaw zero hour contracts, ban unpaid internships and bring the minimum wage in line with the living wage - at least £10 by 2020. He also aims to bring back bursaries and fully fund education for the NHS. These are all great achievements for students.

3. Your voice

Whether you're into politics or not, with Labour lowering the voting age to 16 there's more chance for you to have a say in your future from an earlier age.

4. Rail fares

"Under public ownership fares will be capped and free WiFi introduced across the network. HS2 will be completed and will link with a "Crossrail of the North"." This means better travel links if you want to study far away from home and also means that you can study, watch Netflix and all round have a great train ride.

5. Extra time off!

This is a silly one but it's obviously great if you love a three day weekend. Corbyn wants to introduce four new public holidays to mark patron saints' days. Bank Holiday feels anyone?

Want to know about the Conservative Party policies? Check this blog post out for 5 of their policies that will affect students post-election.

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