3 ways to make 2017 your year

Heading into the new year can either be kinda scary or it can be exciting, depending on how you look at it and what's happening in your life for you personally. But, there are a few things that you can do to throw yourself into 2017 and really boss this year!

1. Set goals but make them SMART

Now this will probably take you back to A Level business studies if you were that way inclined but goals and targets, even if they're your new year's resolution, must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-based. If you just say 'I want to get a job this year' or 'I want to lose weight this year' there isn't a plan, there isn't anything to measure yourself against and let's face it, they're pretty vague. So, for example set yourself the goal of 'I want to lose 2lbs by the 1st of February'. This is definitely achievable, you have a target number, a time-frame and you can obviously measure it on the scales. Sorted! Check out our post on 6 Ways To Stick To New Year's Resolutions too for a little extra help!

2. Keep a note

Did you get to New Years' Eve and see everyone's long statuses about how much of an awesome year they'd had but yet, you couldn't remember a single thing that you did? Same. It could be a good idea to keep a diary of the year, try the One Line A Day Notebook from Urban Outfitters where you write a memory every day for however long you want to remember. All you need to write is one sentence and you're done!

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If you're after something a little more substantial than a line a day and you LOVE stationery then taking up Bullet Journalling could be an awesome way to track and record your year in 2017. A bullet journal is essentially a daily, monthly and yearly diary where you can have to-do lists, lists of acheivements, things you want to see and do and more. You can make notes about significant occurances and you'll never forget a birthday again! All you need is a standard notebook, why not grab 10% off with Paperchase?

Or even look back on your Instagram feed, this is where you post your most favourite things, moments and memories, right? That will definitely remind you of all the good times you had last year. If you try and post about almost every moment this year that you enjoyed or you want to remember that you have the perfect digital diary.

3. Get out of your comfort zone

Maybe one of the reasons that you didn't have much to remember is the fact that maybe you didn't do enough out-there stuff? If you stick to the same thing day in day out and week in, week out then of course your year's going to be the same as last year! Find a new gym class, take up a new hobby, say yes to social situations that you would normally say no to, visit a new place every month and you might suprise yourself!

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